October 09, 2008

Great Glass Pumpkin Patch open on Saturday

by Andrea Hahn

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Cinderella had her pumpkin turned into a coach, but what would her fairy godmother have done with a pumpkin made of glass?

The Great Glass Pumpkin Patch returns to Carbondale from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 11, on the Town Square. Students in the glass program in the School of Art and Design at Southern Illinois University Carbondale began working on the glass pumpkin crop earlier this year. The project is a major fundraiser for the glass program. Proceeds help buy materials and bring visiting artists to campus.

The glass pumpkin patch is similar to a regular pumpkin patch -- except, of course, that these pumpkins are breakable and won’t necessarily withstand a lot of thumping. Prices range from about $10 to $100 or more. Come early for the best selection.