September 22, 2008

Architecture program gets closer to accreditation

by Christi Mathis

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- The architecture program at Southern Illinois University Carbondale has taken a big step in its quest for accreditation. The National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) voted recently to give the program candidacy status.

That’s another step on the path leading to full accreditation, according to Jack A. Kremers, architecture professor. It’s progress toward the ultimate goal of assuring SIUC students can complete all of the educational requirements to become an Illinois licensed architect.

A team from the NAAB visited the SIUC architecture program in February. Evaluators looked at student projects as part of the process of determining if the program meets 34 student-performance criteria required for certification. Their report analyzed the current status and program potential and included recommendations. Based on the report, the NAAB voted to award candidacy basis to the University’s architecture program.

“This means that we should be accredited within six years, provided we complete our plan and strategy,” Kremers said.

The NAAB will visit again in the spring of 2010. One of the board’s requirements for accreditation is that a class must complete the entire SIUC architecture program and graduate. That happened in August 2008 when the first eight master of architecture students got their degrees.

“It is our hope and plan that based upon the 2010 visit, we will receive accreditation status,” Kremers said.