August 04, 2008

Joseph wins Dancing Poetry Contest honors

by Andrea Hahn

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Poets are used to differing interpretations of their work, but that interpretation doesn’t commonly take the form of dance. Allison Joseph, director of the creative writing program at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, recently won a poetry contest that includes a choreographed interpretation of her poem to be performed on stage.

Joseph is one of three grand prizewinners of the 2008 Dancing Poetry Contest, sponsored by Artists Embassy International. She will read her poem, “Xenophilia,” at a performance and ceremony on Sept. 27 in San Francisco at the Bay-side Florence Gould Theater in the Palace of the Legion of Honor Art Museum. In addition to her reading, the performance includes a dramatic reading of the poem accompanying a choreographed dance routine offering an interpretation of the poem.

Joseph also scored two second place prizes in the same contest with her poems, “The Numerology of Kisses,” and, “Poets’ Boot Camp.”

As part of her prize trove, Joseph won $25 for each of her second place wins and $100 for the grand prize as well as a certificate. She will also receive a DVD of the danced performance of her poem.

For more information about the Dancing Poetry contest, see For more information about the SIUC creative writing program, to go and follow the links to the creative writing program.