June 02, 2008

Biological sciences students win scholarships

by Tim Crosby

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Several biological sciences students at Southern Illinois University Carbondale recently won scholarships to further their educations.

Lindsay M. Adams, a senior from Shawneetown, received the Lowell I. and Mildred Walker Hill Scholarship Fund Award. She is the daughter of Rhonda and Jeff Adams of Shawneetown.

A graduate of Gallatin County High School, Adams graduated summa cum laude in May and previously won the Biological Sciences Alumni Scholarship. Phi Kappa Phi inducted Adams for ranking among the top 10 percent of college students in the College of Science at SIUC.

The Lowell I. and Mildred Walker Hill Scholarship fund is aimed at students in biological sciences fields. The University chooses the recipient on the bases of academic merit, financial need and their potential for a successful career in biological science.

Thomas Selby, a senior from Dundas, received the Joan F. Knowles Memorial Award. He is the son of David and Kathe Selby of Dundas. Selby is a graduate of East Richland High School.

Viola Allaj, a sophomore from Greece, and Tara Renee Horton, a senior from Harrisburg, both received the Biological Sciences Alumni Scholarship.

Allaj is the daughter of Bjanka and Roland Allaj of Greece and is a graduate of Gykonos Island High School, Greece. She previously won a dean’s scholarship and plans to graduate in spring 2010.

Horton is the daughter of Connie and Todd Horton of Harrisburg. A graduate of Harrisburg High School, Horton previously received the Leo Kaplan Award and was named to the Deans’ List. She is scheduled to graduate in May 2009.

The University awards the $750 Biological Sciences Alumni Scholarship once a year to a handful of declared biological sciences majors on the basis of grade point average.

Kallie M. Waller, a senior from Macon, received the Harvey I. Fisher Award. She is the daughter of John M. Waller of Macon and Holly Coventry of Springfield. The University previously named Waller to the Deans’ List and awarded her a provost’s scholarship. A graduate of Meridian High School, she also received the valedictorian award.

Alena Chalice Poe, a senior from Olympia Fields, received the DuWayne C. Englert Award. She is the daughter of Lorenzo C. and Kathy Poe of Olympia Fields. A graduate of Rich Central High School, Poe previously won the scholastic achievement award and Meeks Academic Excellence Award at SIUC.