May 07, 2008

Journalism students receive scholarships

by Pete Rosenbery

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Southern Illinois University Carbondale recently presented scholarships to 30 outstanding students in the School of Journalism.

The winners include students in several specialties, including news/editorial, photojournalism and advertising/integrated marketing communications.

In addition, scholarships were also presented to two individuals who are incoming students in the School of Journalism, which is within the College of Mass Communication and Media Arts. The 33 scholarships presented total more than $30,000.

Here is a list of scholarship winners, by hometown. Where available, the listing contains the winner's name, year in school, major, scholarship name and the amount, and parent's names.


Aurora: Sean W. McGahan, junior, news/editorial. Bill Harmon Scholarship, $400, Mark and Peggy McGahan.

Barrington: Ray R. Sophie, junior, double major in journalism/radio-television with news/editorial. Ray Serati-Ben Kiningham Illinois Legislative Correspondents Association Scholarship, $585, Raymond and Jean Sophie.

Belleville: Amanda K. Schnur, sophomore, advertising/integrated marketing communications. Southern Illinois Editorial Association Scholarships, $600, Kenneth and Deborah Schnur.

Bethany: Caroline D. Rogers, junior, news/editorial. Michael Porcaro Scholarship, $1,000, Steven and Julie Rogers.

Bolingbrook: Emily M. Sunblade, junior, photojournalism. Linda K. Henson Photojournalism Scholarship, $850, Richard and Dianna Sunblade.

Champaign: Tiffany A. Cochran, junior, advertising/integrated marketing communications. Donald Hileman Memorial Scholarship, $400, Christopher and Elissa Cochran.

Chatham: Devon L. Barhoover, junior, advertising/integrated marketing communications. Charles Feirich Memorial Scholarship, $780, Steve and Judy Barhoover.

Chicago: Kimberly N. Fields, freshman, news/editorial. William Randolph Hearst Scholarships, $750.

Alejandro Gonzalez, sophomore, news/editorial. Steven B. Hahn Memorial Scholarship, $1,300, Yolanda Ortega.

Luis C. Medina, junior, news/editorial. Charles C. Clayton Scholarship, $1,000.

Tachiana A. Pruitt, freshman, advertising/integrated marketing communications. Golden Quill Award, $300, Katrina Pruitt, Chicago.

Chillicothe: Kelsey A. Therkildsen, sophomore, advertising/integrated marketing communications. Charlotte Thompson Suhler Advertising Award, $1,460, Eric and Kathy Therkildsen.

Crystal Lake: Jessica J. Wolf, junior, news/editorial. Jim Bitterman Scholarship, $1,300, Daniel and Mary Wolf.

Cuba: Alexandria Shaw, incoming freshman, Harry W. Stonecipher Recruiting Scholarship, $550.

Herrin: Ryan V. Voyles, freshman, news/editorial. William Randolph Hearst Scholarships, $750, John and Marsha Voyles.

Homewood: Monica A. Mason, junior, news/editorial. Marcia Bullard Scholarship, $780.

Jerseyville: Karyn L. Graham, sophomore, advertising/integrated marketing communications. Journalism Faculty Emeritus Scholarship, $250.

Meredith J. Hansen, junior, advertising/integrated marketing communications. William Lyons Scholarship, $800, Terry and Denise Hansen.

Marion: Cristian E. Stelle, sophomore, news/editorial. Michael Porcaro Scholarship, $1,350; Karl Monroe Scholarship, $800.

Mattoon: Katherine J. Bruehler, junior, advertising/integrated marketing communications. Anne West-Lindsey Scholarship, $1,500, James and Ann Bruehler.

Mount Prospect: Please see Palatine.

Murphysboro: Steven R. Lee, junior, news/editorial. Southern Illinois Editorial Association Scholarship, $600, John and Janet Lee.

Nick Quigley, junior transfer, Harry W. Stonecipher Recruiting Scholarship, $550.

Naperville: Lauren E. Wardell, sophomore, advertising/integrated marketing communications, Anne West-Lindsey Scholarship, $1,500, Lisa and Raymond Wardell, both of Naperville.

O'Fallon: Cole L. Singleton, sophomore, advertising/integrated marketing communications. James Murphy Memorial Scholarship, $450, Percy and Lois Singleton.

Palatine: Lydia M. Bargielski, junior, news/editorial. Polly Robinson Memorial Scholarship, $1,500, Kathy Bargielski of Palatine and Bogdan Bargielski of Mount Prospect.

Rolling Meadows: Edyta Blaszczyk, freshman, photojournalism. Linda K. Henson Photojournalism Scholarship, $850, Kris and Anna Blaszczyk.

South Beloit: Charles L. Webley, Jr., sophomore, news/editorial. Steven B. Hahn Memorial Scholarship, $1300, Charles and Opadel Webley.

Ullin: Lita A. Wilson, sophomore, news/editorial. Paisley Family Scholarship, $600, Darian and Barbara Wilson.

Venedy: Sarah E. Lohman, junior, news/editorial. Judith Roales Scholarship, $1,600, Robert and Carol Lohman.

West Salem: Brandon Lee Weisenberger, junior, news editorial. Small-Seright Scholarship, $800.

Woodstock: Jessica L. Zborowski, junior, advertising/integrated marketing communications. Journalism Alumnus Scholarship, $250, Lawrence and Debra Zborowski.


Mesa: Daniel K. Wenger, junior, news/editorial. Harry W. and Helen M. Stonecopher Scholarship, $2,500.