April 11, 2008

Goldman appointed interim SIUC chancellor

CARBONDALE, Ill. — Retired professor and longtime Carbondale community leader Samuel Goldman has been appointed by Southern Illinois University President Glenn Poshard to serve as interim chancellor for the University’s Carbondale campus.

Goldman, who stepped down today from his current seat on the University’s Board of Trustees, has been associated with SIUC in various teaching and administrative capacities for the last 28 years.

The appointment is effective immediately and is the result of today’s decision by Poshard to reassign current Chancellor Fernando Treviño to a tenured faculty position pending binding arbitration dispute resolution proceedings between Treviño and the University.

Treviño was placed on administrative leave last month for failing to perform basic job requirements outlined in his employment contract.

No further comment regarding the Treviño personnel matter will be offered through the duration of the arbitration proceedings.

Goldman can be reached through SIUC spokesman Rod Sievers.

SIU Board of Trustees Chairman Roger Tedrick issued the following comment today regarding the appointment of Goldman as interim chancellor for the University’s Carbondale campus.

"Dr. Goldman has served with great distinction and his direct contributions to this board will be sorely missed, but Sam’s passion and commitment to academic excellence, and his devotion to the faculty, students and staff at Southern Illinois University will serve us all well in this important endeavor.”

Goldman's bio can be found at http://www.siu.edu/bot/trustees.html#goldman