December 17, 2007

American Physical Society honors Malik

by Tim Crosby


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CARBONDALE, Ill. — A leading group of physical scientists is honoring a Southern Illinois University Carbondale physics professor.

The American Physical Society elected F. Bary Malik, professor emeritus in the Department of Physics in the College of Science at SIUC, as a fellow. The group honored Malik for his extensive contributions to atomic and nuclear physics, mathematical phynuclear physics and for developing physics research programs around the world, especially in emerging nations.

Malik has worked with physicists from countries including Argentina, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Jordan and many others. He has organized countless conferences and collaborated on and facilitated dozens of research projects.

Earlier this year, Malik received the John Wheatley Award from the American Physical Society. Malik received a $2,000 award and a certificate and spoke at the society's annual meeting March 6 in Denver. That award, presented every other year, honors physicists who make contributions to the development of the field in the third-world countries by working with researchers and teachers there.

SIUC in 1996 named Malik its Outstanding Scholar. Malik, who retired in 2005 after 25 years at the University, continues conducting research at the University. His work includes heavy-ion physics, strange particle production from hot nuclei and fission theory, among other topics.