October 23, 2007

Recreational Sports-Services honors McDermott

by Christi Mathis


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CARBONDALE, Ill. – Mary Jane McDermott of Roselle is the winner of the September Dream Team Employee of the Month award from Southern Illinois University Carbondale's Recreational Sports and Services.

"Mary is the ultimate team player," said Gary D. Tisdale, marketing coordinator for Recreational Sports and Services. "She is always willing to help and to take on any project. Her expertise in design and creativity make her a great addition to the Dream Team and to Recreational Sports and Services. This is her first semester as the marketing department graduate assistant and she has already made vast improvements to the look and usability of our Web site. As a co-worker, her positive attitude and amicable personality make her literally 'a dream come true.' Making such a big impact in such a short amount of time is a testament to her capabilities and leadership."

McDermott, daughter of Linda and Jim McDermott, has worked in the position just four months. She earned her bachelor of arts in photography. A first-year graduate student, she plans to complete her two-year master's degree in professional media and media management. McDermott said her career goal is to utilize her graduate work experience coupled with her previous experience as a photographer, graphic designer and pre-press supervisor to secure a web designer position or to launch her own "creative services" business.

William P. Ehling, director of Recreational Sports and Services, created The "Big Dawg" Dream Team Award to recognize each month a dream team member for outstanding performance. The Dream Team is comprised of full-time staff, graduate assistants and student employees chosen by full-time staff and graduate assistants to participate. Team members nominate those illustrating leadership, teamwork and the team's vision and a monthly vote picks the winner of the recognition and reward.

McDermott claims a prize and her name goes on a perpetual plaque in the Student Recreation Center's main lounge where more than 700,000 facility visitors each year can see it.


Dream Team — Mary McDermott of Roselle is the winner of the "Big Dawg" Dream Team Award for September. Recreational Sports and Services at Southern Illinois University Carbondale presents the monthly award to recognize outstanding performance.

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