October 22, 2007

Camelle Logan establishes scholarship endowment

by Christi Mathis


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CARBONDALE, Ill. – As a very successful businesswoman, Camelle W. Logan knows first-hand the importance of fostering entrepreneurial skill and business education. With that in mind, she has donated $25,000 to establish the Camelle Wilson Logan and Sonia Veronica Phelix Rowell Scholarship Endowment to benefit students at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Logan earned her bachelor's degree in advanced technical studies in 1989 from the University's School of Information Systems and Applied Technologies in the College of Applied Sciences and Arts. Her lifelong friend and fellow scholarship namesake graduated the same year with a communications degree from SIUC.

Logan, who subsequently earned her MBA at the University of Phoenix, founded KC Management Group in 2002 and has been its president and CEO. KCMG (http://www.kcmgonline.com) helps clients across the nation implement adaptive original technology solutions for their businesses, non-profit organizations and for state and local government. Logan recently sold the company, now relocated to Atlanta, to Core Projects and Technologies. She remains the executive vice president of consulting services and product management.

"We naturally are very proud of Ms. Logan's great success as an international businesswoman and we're also very grateful to her," said Paul D. Sarvela, dean of the College of Applied Sciences and Arts. "Her establishment of a scholarship endowment for the college's School of Information systems and Applied Technologies will benefit students in perpetuity and sets a splendid example which we hope other graduates will follow."

Through the years of business success, Logan has maintained many "great memories" of SIUC and of her longtime friend Sonia, who was killed in an automobile accident about five years ago.

"We started our first business venture together, as part of a club giving summer backyard parties, when we were about 10 or 11," Logan recalls. "Our parents and grandparents had been friends and we went to SIUC together. I have a lot of great memories as friends growing up in Chicago and at SIU."

She said she decided to establish the scholarship endowment because "I really want to support entrepreneurship and the technology program."

"I admire Ms. Logan for coming back to her alma mater and, with such generosity, honoring her lost friend Sonia and blessing our school with a gift that will live for perpetuity," said Will Devenport, director of the School of Information Systems and Applied Technologies. "The scholarship will help young people not only meet the financial burden of college but also be an affirmation that we believe in their entrepreneurial spirit and potential to further the advancement of technology."

Logan announced the scholarship endowment during homecoming festivities. Margaret and Curtis Phelix, parents of Sonia Veronica Phelix Rowell, were on hand for the presentation.

The annual scholarship will go to an SIUC student in the Information Systems and Applied Technologies program who illustrates entrepreneurial skills and business acumen and interest, Logan said. Faculty, with input from Logan, will select the winner on the basis of a 1,000-word essay and application.

"First and foremost, this is truly a wonderful tribute to a person who clearly meant a great deal to Ms. Logan," said Rickey N. McCurry, vice chancellor for Institutional Advancement and CEO of the SIU Foundation. "In addition, this is a fine example of an alumna who is grateful for the knowledge and skills she attained at SIU Carbondale en route to becoming a highly accomplished businesswoman. The University appreciates Ms. Logan's gesture to support the endeavors of our students."