August 27, 2007

Event honors employees for service to SIUC

by Pete Rosenbery

CARBONDALE, Ill. — Southern Illinois University Carbondale will honor 94 employees for their service to the University during a service recognition and retirement reception and dinner in the Student Center.

The event is Wednesday, Aug. 29, in the Student Center Ballrooms. A reception begins at 6 p.m. in the John W. Corker Lounge. Dinner begins at 6:30 p.m.

Chancellor Fernando M. Treviño will host the evening's festivities. Jak Tichenor, a producer with SIUC's Broadcasting Service, will serve as master of ceremonies.

The University will recognize the following employees, listed by hometown and years of service.



25 years: Lisa Lynne Tripp, Office of the Chancellor.


25 years: Robert E. Allison, School of Music; Lilly Ann Boruszkowski, Cinema & Photography; Tammy A. Cavarretta, SIU Foundation Carbondale; Karen M. Clayton, College of Liberal Arts; Judy C. Drolet, Health Education and Recreation; James E. Dutton, Information Technology; Steven P. Esling, Geology; Linda M. Gibson, Mathematics; Catherine Ann Hagler, Executive Director Administration; Rita Ruth Hays, Animal Science Food and Nutrition; Kathryn L. Hollister, Recreational Sports and Services; Fred R. Isberner, College of Applied Sciences and Arts; Duncan K. Koch, Information Technology; John M. Martinko, Microbiology; John Edward Marzolf, Geology; Jean M. McPherson, College of Science; Michael C. Murray, SIU Foundation Carbondale; John Oliver Norman, Physical Plant Service; Mary Hinchcliff Pelias, Speech Communication; Arthur F. Shirley, Physical Plant Service; Karen Stotlar, Curriculum and Instruction; Bradley H. Taylor, Plant, Soil, and Agricultural Systems; Harry William Treece, II; Rory Lee Walters, Student Health Center; Sharon E. Walters, Division of Continuing Education; Kathryn Barbara Ward, Sociology; Wenona Whitfield, School of Law; Donna Williams, Financial Aid Office; Stephen M. Williams, Records and Registration; Yvonne Williams, Center for Academic Success; Clarisse Zimra, English.

30 years: Brian M. Butler, Center for Archaeological Investigations; Mark C. Cosgrove, Physical Plant Service; Stephen J. Dollinger, Psychology; Tom W. Girtman, Purchasing; Evelyn R. Koine, International Programs and Services; Michael M. Lacey, Physical Plant Service; Mark Richard Lee. School of Law; D. John McIntyre, Curriculum and Instruction; Margaret R. Simmons, School of Music; Harriet Furst Simon, Center for Dewey Studies; William C. Vanmetre, Physical Plant Service; Herman Williams, Recreational Sports and Services.

35 years: George D. Parker, Mathematics.

40 years: Harold R. Bardo, MEDPREP/Medical Education Preparatory-School of Medicine.

45 years: Bill Shields, Workforce Education and Development.


25 years: Debbie L. Miller, Accounting Services.


25 years: Louann Elwell, School of Art and Design.

30 years: Carol Ann Reno, Evaluation and Developmental Center.


25 years: Jane Ann Elders, Cooperative Wildlife Research Lab.

De Soto

25 years: Nancy Lee Mallett, Economics; Carole E. Shirley, College of Education and Human Services.

30 years: Cynthia J. Cook, University Housing; Janice E. McAdams, ASA Off-Campus Academic Programs; Don Michael Redmond, Mathematics; Tommy G. Williams, Career Services.

Du Quoin

25 years: Shirley M. Baldridge, University Housing.

30 years: Donna L. Reynolds, Office of Economic and Regional Development.

40 years: Harry Van Dermark, Information Technology.

Glen Carbon

30 years: Iqbal Mathur, Finance.


25 years: Kathryn L. Detoy, Physical Plant Service; John L. Sexton, Geology.


25 years: Susan Lynn Ferry, Office of the Chancellor.


25 years: William Devenport, ASA School of Information Systems and Applied Technology; David Earl Ferrell, Physical Plant Service; Robert W. Fitzgerald, Mathematics; Susan Logue, Library Affairs; Thomas Lee Rosenthal, University Farms.

40 years: James Tyrrell, College of Science.


25 years: Ronda R. Demattei, ASA School of Allied Health.

30 years: John P. Hester, Civil and Environmental Engineering.


25 years: Jeanne Anne Baker, Technology; Keith H. Beyler, School of Law; Gary E. Crow, Physical Plant Service; Maureen L. Doran, Anatomy-School of Medicine; Sandra Jean Hostetler, College of Education and Human Services; Guice G. Strong, III, Finance.

30 years: Ruth E. Bernhardt, Human Resources; Yoginder Paul Chugh, Mining and Mineral Resources Engineering; Nancy Lynn Fager, Student Health Center; Claudia Irene Graff, Army Military Science-Army ROTC; Victoria L. Peter, Human Resources; Charles L. Rodriguez, ASA Aviation Technologies; Janet L. Rogers, ASA School of Allied Health.

40 years: Freida M. Doody, School of Music; Patricia B. Elmore, College of Education and Human Services.


25 years: Richard L. Finke, Physical Plant Service.


25 years: Robert E. Quane, Undergraduate Admissions.

West Frankfort

25 years: Debra L. Sailliez, ASA Physicians Assistant Program; Frank M. Scobby, AIS Office.

30 years: Penelope K. Tippy, Family and Community Medicine/Carbondale-School of Medicine, Springfield.



30 years: William C. Coscarelli, Curriculum and Instruction.


St. Louis

25 years: Robert Alan Hahn, Philosophy.