August 27, 2007

SIUC to honor 136 retiring employees

by Pete Rosenbery


CARBONDALE, Ill. — Southern Illinois University Carbondale will honor 136 retirees at a retirement and service recognition reception.

The event is Wednesday, Aug. 29 in the Student Center Ballrooms. A reception begins at 6 p.m. in the John W. Corker Lounge. Dinner begins at 6:30 p.m.

Chancellor Fernando M. Treviño will host the evening's festivities. Jak Tichenor, a producer with SIUC's Broadcasting Service, is master of ceremonies. The event honors employees who retired between Aug. 1, 2006 and Aug. 31, 2007.

Here are the retirees listed by hometown and years of service:


Alto Pass

Michael D. Covell, Assistant Professor, Cinema & Photography, 32 years.


Jerry L. Goddard, Assistant Professor, Family & Community Medicine, 21 years.


Ruth M. Pommier, Clerk, University Housing, 18 years.


William J. Bluhm, Lecturer, Curriculum and Instruction, 18 years.

Bert W. Jones, Building Service Sub-Foreman, Physical Plant Service, 19 years.


Bonnie H. Wininger, Assistant Instructor (Center Director), Head Start Agency, 21 years.


James E. Anderson, Jr., Police Officer, Department of Public Safety, 15 years.

Rebecca S. Baker, Publications Production Expediter, Records and Registration, 8 years.

Paul E. Bates, Professor, Educational Psychology and Special Education, 29 years.

James F. Burnett, Building Service Sub-Foreman, Physical Plant Service, 26 years.

Clarence G. Carter, Lecturer, School of Music, 9 years.

Robert Cerchio, Director, Shryock Auditorium, 29 years.

Maryanne M. Chrisman, Senior Lecturer, Curriculum and Instruction, 18 years.

Mark C. Cosgrove, Project Coordinator, Physical Plant Service, 30 years.

Richard Davis, Insurance Risk Manager II, University Risk Management, 22 years.

Ronna F. Dillon, Educational Psychology and Special Education, 29 years.

Maryann Jin-Jen Dorn, Lecturer, Computer Science, 15 years.

Charles F. Fanning, Professor and Distinguished Scholar, English, 14 years.

Nancy A. Fligor, Library Operations Associate, Library Affairs, 27 years.

Dickey Ray Foster, Building Service Worker, Physical Plant Service, 8 years.

Joan E. Friedenberg, Professor, Linguistics, 13 years.

Joseph A. Gaertner, Plumber Foreman, Physical Plant, 12 years.

James M. Glover, Associate Professor, Health Education and Recreation, 23 years.

Diann L. Gordon, Developmental Skill Training Specialist, Clinical Center, 20 years.

Janis E. Hartline, Medical Insurance Specialist II, Student Health Center, 21 years.

Ann H. Karmos, Associate Professor, Curriculum & Instruction, 32 years.

Shirley J. Kent, Building Service Worker, University Housing, 29 years.

Marianne Lawrence, Editorial Writer, Alumni Services, 7 years.

Raymond C. Lenzi, Associate Vice Chancellor, Office of Economic and Regional Development, 17 years.

Ernest Leroy Lewis, Professor, Educational Psychology and Special Education, 39 years.

Nadine Lucas, Administrative Assistant I, Alumni Services, 35 years.

Robert J. McGlinn, Associate Professor, Computer Science, 32 years.

William P. McMinn, Director, Recreational Sports and Services, 24 years.

Keith M. McQuarrie, Chief Academic Advisor, College of Applied Sciences and Arts, 20 years.

Darcy J.K. Murphy, Academic Advisor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, 26 years.

Barbara A. Ollar, Administrative Clerk, Library Affairs, 27 years.

Jack M. Parker, Professor, Microbiology, 29 years.

Mary Hinchcliff Pelias, Associate Professor and Distinguished Teacher, Speech Communication, 25 years.

Louis Scott Pike, Superintendent of Building Maintenance, Physical Plant Service, 23 years.

Trudy L. Reynolds, Lecturer, Educational Psychology and Special Education, 4 years.

Anita R. Riedinger, Associate Professor, English, 18 years.

Barbara E. Robinson, Administrative Aide, Career Services, 25 years.

Deborah Lynn Robinson, Office Systems Specialist III, Workforce Education and Development, 21 years.

Kenneth Lee Robinson, Conference Coordinator, Division of Continuing Education, 18 years.

Arnold Ross, Sr., Housing Administrator, University Housing, 31 years.

Mark Andrews Schneider, Associate Professor, Sociology, 13 years.

Margaret R. Simmons, Professor, School of Music, 30 years.

Carolyn A. Snyder, Director of Foundation Relations/Professor, Institutional Advancement/Library Affairs, 15 years.

John F. Snyder, Senior Counseling Psychologist/Associate Professor, Psychology/Counseling Center, 39 years.

Susan Snyder, Clinical Center Coordinator, Clinical Center, 12 years.

Ronald A. Trentacosti, Driver, Physical Plant Service, 21 years.

Gertrude Lynn Volk, Professor, Curriculum & Instruction, 19 years.

Sandra Elaine Walker, Office Systems Specialist III, Fisheries and Illinois Aquaculture Center, 21 years.

John S. Washburn, Professor, Workforce Education and Development, 20 years.

Olga D. Weidner, Associate Director, Information Technology, 31 years.

Robert Louis Weiss, Jr., Professor, School of Music, 29 years.

Dollean York-Anderson, Counseling Psychologist, Student Health Center, 15 years.


Delores L. Brookhouse, Cooks Helper, University Housing, 18 years.

Steve Chapman, Stationary Engineer, Physical Plant Services, 29 years.

Jerry D. Huffstutler, Building Service Sub-Foreman, University Housing, 11 years.

Denise Jo Rutherford, Financial Aid Advisor IV, Financial Aid Office, 26 years.

Deborah Ann Ward, Associate Director, Human Resources, 27 years.


James M. Manis, Jr., Associate Director for Institutional Advancement, SIU Foundation, 10 years.


John Anthony Vercillo, Scientific Photographer III, Academic Support, School of Medicine-Carbondale, 18 years.


David S. Cox, Manager, Information Technology, 20 years.

Edna Mae Hand, Storekeeper III, Microbiology, 29 years.

Dennis L. Maze, Superintendent of Print Shop, Printing and Duplicating Service, 32 years.

Stephen G. Ober, Research Laboratory Shop Supervisor, Mining and Mineral Resources Engineering, 28 years.

Richard T. Parrish, Purchasing Officer IV, Purchasing, 22 years.

Susan Wirth, Administrative Assistant I, Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Dean, 29 years.

Cynthia Ann Wright, Housing Officer, University Housing, 29 years.

Gary Lynn Wright, Supervisor of Residential Custodial Operations, University Housing, 33 years.

Creal Springs

Jimmie Lee Hufnagel, Building Service Worker, Physical Plant Service, 5 years.

De Soto

Ronald D. Eaton, Maintenance Laborer, Physical Plant Service, 21 years.

Luann Ramsey, Press Technician II, Printing and Duplicating Service, 16 years.

Du Quoin

Lois Ann Cornett, Office Systems Specialist III, Curriculum & Instruction, 17 years.

Sherry Lynn Dunn, Building Service Sub-Foreman, Physical Plant Service, 11 years.


Sandra Sue Foster, Staff Clerk, Career Services, 10 years.

Carolyn K. Jackson, Inventory Specialist, Accounting Services, 12 years.

Donald L. Lovel, Building Service Sub-Foreman, Recreational Sports and Services, 26 years.


Lawrence A. Eaton, Police Sergeant, Department of Public Safety, 31 years.


Joseph Lambert, Building Service Sub-Foreman, Physical Plant Service, 19 years.


Albert L. Allen, Assistant Director, Information Technology, 34 years.


Bonnie L. Cain, Clerk, Clinical Center, 7 years.

Robert W. Chambers, Building Service Worker, Physical Plant Service, 28 years.

Jill P. Richardson, Administrative Clerk, Affirmative Action Office, 31 years.


Jane M. Roseberry, Office Systems Specialist II, Workforce Education and Development, 13 years.


Howard Lee Brown, Maintenance Laborer, Physical Plant Service, 20 years.


Judith K. Inman, Office Systems Specialist I, Department of Public Safety, 5 years.


Willa Sue Davis, Office Systems Specialist I, Student Development, 27 years.

Vera Ellis, Grounds Foreman, Physical Plant Service, 22 years.

Robert O. Hageman, Business Manager I, Office of Economic and Regional Development, 26 years.

Edwin J. Hippo, Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes, 22 years.

Gary W. Lindsey, Maintenance Laborer, Physical Plant Service, 20 years.

Jeffrey H. McMurphy, Swimming Pool Tender, Recreational Sports and Services, 29 years.

Daniel Frank Mussa, Senior Lecturer, Mathematics, 15 years.

Jo A. Nast, Research Project Specialist, Research Development and Administration, 15 years.

James Michael Perschbacher, Bookstore Assistant Manager, Student Center, 24 years.

Robert Frank Sanders, Assistant Professor, ASA Aviation Technologies, 25 years.

Joseph William Tucker, Stationary Engineer, Physical Plant Service, 29 years.

James Tyrrell, Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry, 40 years.


Lynne Stuart Elliott, Office Systems Specialist II, Head Start Agency, 8 years.

Kathyrn Milburn-Goldstein, Office Systems Assistant II, Evaluation and Development Center, 4 years.

Mauri Norman, Accountant III, University Housing, 28 years.

Charles A. Pressley, Painter, Physical Plant Service, 3 years.

Paula Kay Rothschild, Medical Insurance Specialist III, Student Health Center, 15 years.

William Hill Shanks, IMEC Specialist, Manufacturing Extension Services, 7 years.


Leland Lane Widick, Assistant Professor/Program Coordinator, ASA Aviation Management & Flight, 19 years.


Rebecca Jeannine Caldwell, Administrative Clerk, Alumni Services, 19 years.

J.D. Carlock, Building Service Worker, Physical Plant Service, 26 years.

William E. Craine, Refrigeration Mechanic, Physical Plant Service, 10 years.

Martha Cropper, Field Representative, Student Health Center, 17 years.

Freida M. Doody, Office Systems Specialist III, School of Music, 40 years.

Danny P. Jefferies, Assistant Professor, ASA School of Allied Health, 20 years.

Patricia A. Lindner, Office Systems Specialist II, ASA Aviation Technologies, 15 years.

Catherine "Kitty" A. Mabus, Administrative Clerk, Foreign Languages and Literatures, 33 years.

Barbara Ann Marshall-Cosgrove, Building Service Sub-Foreman, Physical Plant Service, 9 years.

Michael E. Marten, Plumber, Physical Plant Service, 27 years.

Donald G. Olson, Director, Information Technology, 7 years.

Edwin Dean Phillips, Assistant Professor, ASA Aviation Management & Flight, 6 years.

Karen Rains, Office Systems Specialist I, Psychology, 27 years.

Robert Bruce Roy, Information Technology Technical Associate, Information Technology, 30 years.

Cheryl L. Schmit, Pharmacist, Student Health Center, 10 years.


Richard L. Finke, Carpenter Foreman, Physical Plant Service, 25 years.


Sharon L. Pinkerton, Business Manager II, College of Business and Administration, 39 years.


Eric D. Frassato, Accountant IV, Accounting Services, 24 years.


Ronald K. Marusarz, Associate Professor, Technology, 24 years.


Lee H. Hill, Procedures & Systems Analyst II, Information Technology, 27 years.


Carol Jane Parkhurst, Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse, Student Health Center, 10 years.

West Frankfort

Kay Lynn Herstedt, Senior Library Specialist, Library Affairs, 15 years.

Jean Ann Nolen, Accountant Technician III, Purchasing, 8 years.



Sharon Gilbert, Associate Professor, Curriculum & Instruction, 19 years.



John M. Dunn, Interim Chancellor, Office of the Chancellor, 4 years.



Kathleen Kelly McKerrow, Associate Professor, Educational Administration & Higher Education, 12 years.



John Gregory, Professor, Mathematics, 34 years.



Jetty Ann Wright, Program Advisor, ASA Off-Campus Academic Programs, 10 years.