August 15, 2007

Intintoli joins business college faculty

by Sun Min

CARBONDALE, Ill. — Vincent Intintoli has joined the top-ranked finance department of the College of Business and Administration at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Intintoli, assistant professor of finance, comes to SIUC from the Eller College of Management at University of Arizona, where he received bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees in finance.

"I chose SIU because I believe that the Department of Finance provides an excellent environment for me to focus on quality research and teaching," said Intintoli. SIUC's Department of Finance ranks in the top 5.6 percent of all research universities worldwide for research productivity, according to the Financial Management journal.

Intintoli researches corporate finance issues such as executive turnover, corporate governance, executive compensation, and mergers and acquisitions. At SIUC, he will teach two sections of Finance 330.

"Vince is coming from a very good program and he has a personality that will fit nicely with the rest of us in finance," said Wallace "Dave" Davidson, Henry J. Rehn Research Professor of Finance.

U.S. News & World Report ranks the SIUC College of Business and Administration as one of the top 100 public business schools nationwide.