July 09, 2007

Medical school again earns maximum accreditation

by Nancy Zimmers

CARBONDALE, Ill. — The Southern Illinois University School of Medicine has received full accreditation for another eight years from the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME). This is the maximum length of accreditation awarded.

"Hundreds of dedicated people at this medical school work very hard to make sure we offer our medical students the best training possible, so this official endorsement of our efforts that comes with this accreditation is greatly appreciated," said Dr. J. Kevin Dorsey, dean and provost of the medical school. "I'm especially pleased that the report acknowledges the national prominence of our problem-based learning curriculum and the supportive relationship we have with our two teaching hospitals in Springfield, Memorial and St. John's."

The survey team highlighted several other SIU strengths – its cohesive and innovative administrative leadership and the extensive involvement of nurse educators who provide a unique model for medical education. It also cited the medical school's Medical/Dental Education Preparatory Program (MEDPREP) in Carbondale, which provides a pipeline for disadvantaged students and serves as an "exemplary initiative for recruitment and retention of students from diverse backgrounds."

"I am very proud of Dr. Dorsey, the faculty, staff and students who have earned this great distinction for our medical school," SIU Carbondale Chancellor Fernando M. Treviño said. "Earning the maximum accreditation demonstrates the very high caliber of the research, education, and patient and community service they perform daily. I am thankful for their efforts and most appreciative of this distinction they have earned for the University."

The LCME is the national accrediting group for medical schools. SIU's medical school has been accredited by the LCME since 1972.

An LCME site team visited the school in January 2007, culminating a two-year long internal review by its faculty, administrators and students of the medical school curriculum and the programs and resources in place to support it. More than 200 people participated in the internal review.

For more information, contact Nancy Zimmers at the School of Medicine in Springfield, 217/545-2155.