May 15, 2007

Economics students win scholarships, awards

by Andrea Hahn

CARBONDALE, Ill. — The College of Liberal Arts at Southern Illinois University Carbondale recently recognized students in the Department of Economics for academic and leadership abilities.

Tyler Allen Robinett, a senior from Carbondale, won the Glenn W. and Cornelia Y. Miller Endowed Scholarship, a $1,500 award. The scholarship recognizes a student studying economics or public policy with interests in related fields such as labor history, collective bargaining, social insurance or workmen's compensation and unemployment policy. The student must be a junior, senior or graduate student and must have completed Economics 310- Labor Problems or another course approved by the Miller Award Committee. The student must also submit a paper on an approved topic as part of Economics 310.

Mark E. Korso, a sophomore from Naperville, won the $500 Garrett E. and Susan J. Pierce Scholarship, which recognizes a student majoring in economics with an interest in accounting or manufacturing. The student must carry at least a 3.0 grade point average. Korso also won a $1,000 Thomas Y. and Chany N. Chung Scholarship.

Another 24 students also won Thomas Y. and Chany N. Chung Scholarships. These economics majors meet ACT or SAT score requirements and maintain an exceptional grade point average. Students whose native language is not English receive special consideration. The award, worth $500, is renewable by semester. Scholarship recipients are:


  • Belleville: Joseph Bernard Sobieralski, senior, scholarship both semesters.
  • Beecher: Bryan Lee Schroeder, junior, scholarship both semesters.
  • Carbondale: John Robert Beck, senior, scholarship both semesters; Dennis Steve Hoppe, senior, scholarship both semesters.
  • Carterville: Joseph David Wheeler, senior, scholarship for the fall semester.
  • Cary: Kyle B. Kearns, junior, scholarship for the fall semester.
  • Decatur: Michael Loren Kaufman, senior, scholarship both semesters.
  • Herrin: Amanda Jo Brayfield, senior, scholarship both semesters.
  • Highland: Aaron Michael Sands, senior, scholarship for the spring semester.
  • Makanda: Nick Brandon Ferraro, freshman, scholarship for spring semester.
  • Marion: Jerrison P. Carrel, senior, scholarship both semesters; Derek L. Henson, senior, scholarship for the fall semester; Douglas J. Levesque, senior, scholarship both semester; Jason Ryan Via, senior, scholarship for the fall semester.
  • Murphysboro: Stephen Graham Kopecky, senior, scholarship for the fall semester; Jim A. Syler, senior, scholarship for both semester; William Kyle Winecoff, senior, scholarship both semesters. Winecoff also won the Wall Street Journal Award, which goes to a senior in economics who shows outstanding achievement. He won a one-year subscription to the "Wall Street Journal," and a paperweight.
  • Palatine: Andrea Elsie Arnieri, senior, scholarship both semesters. She also won the Outstanding Achievement in Economics award for her overall academic record. The achievement award is $100.
  • Springfield: Matthew B. O'Daniel, junior, scholarship for the spring semester.
  • Tinley Park: Adrienne Rose Gawel, senior. scholarship for the fall semester.
  • Woodridge: Arthur Daniel Soto, junior, scholarship for the fall semester.


  • Blue Springs: Kyle Brandon Dennis, junior, scholarship for the spring semester. Dennis also received $100 for the Outstanding Junior Award.


  • Aichi, Japan: Shogo Arai, senior, scholarship both semesters.
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Isabel Greve Madeira, sophomore, scholarship for the spring semester.