May 04, 2007

Undergraduates honored for research projects

by Tim Crosby

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Southern Illinois University Carbondale recently honored eight undergraduates for their research projects showcased in the University's annual Undergraduate Research Poster Forum.

The event, held at the SIUC Student Center, featured 52 posters from 49 students from various departments around campus. The competition is open to all undergraduates.

A cadre of volunteer faculty judges the entries and award prizes based on the quality of the research and presentation.

This year's winners are:

First place (tie)

• Erin K. Shanle, senior in plant biology from Rochester. Shanle is the daughter of Loren C. and Karen Shanle. Her faculty mentor was Aldwin Anterola, assistant professor of plant biology.

Shanle's project, titled "ent-Kaurene and Kauran-16-ol Formation in the Moss Physcomitrella patens: Functional Identification of a Unique Diterpene Cyclase," explored the formation of substances within moss and the relationship they imply between fungi and plants.

• Jeremy L. Pierce, senior in psychology from Mount Vernon. Pierce is the son of Clifton H. and Brenda L. Pierce. His faculty mentor was Michael R. Hoane, assistant professor of psychology.

Pierce's project, titled "COG1410 Improves Sensorimotor Performance and Reduces Injury Magnitude Following Brain Injury," tested whether a compound known as COG1410 would improve a rat's recovering from traumatic brain injury.

Second place

Abigail Burnam, senior in psychology from Carterville. Burnam is the daughter of Russell H. and Susan M. Burnam. Her faculty mentor was Meera Komarraju, assistant professor of psychology.

Burnam's project, titled "Why Do College Students Procrastinate?" explored the relationship between students' academic motivation, procrastination and perfectionism using 238 test subjects who completed a survey.

Third place (tie)

• Aileen O'Hearn, senior in zoology from Romeoville. O'Hearn is the daughter of James M. O'Hearn of Romeoville and Marcia F. Lacey of Joliet. Her mentor was Barbara Crandall-Stotler, professor emeritus of plant biology.

O'Hearn's project, titled "New Findings on the Apical Organization and Biology of the Liverwort Pleurozia," explored a particular plant's apical cell anatomy and the function of tubes produced by some such species.

• Seth B. Clark, senior in psychology from Carterville. Clark is the son of Tom A. Clark of Marion and Connie D. Clark of Carterville. He is the fiancée of Jessica L. Emery of Carterville. His faculty mentor was Eric A. Jacobs, associate professor of psychology.

Clark's project, titled "Progressive Ratio Schedules of Token Delivery: Breakpoint as a Function of Terminal Reinforcer Unit Price," explored the relation ship between action and reward.

Honorable mention

Miranda S. Griffith, senior in workforce education and development from Cisne. Griffith is the daughter of Fay P. Griffith and fiancée of Jeremy Billington. Her faculty mentor was Mark J. Kittleson, professor of health education and recreation.

Griffith's project, titled "Cyber Risk-Taking: College Students' Attitudes Toward Risk Behaviors on Social Networking Sites," explored students awareness level of the risks involved with providing personal information on social networking Web sites such as My Space and Facebook.

Independent Researcher Award

Shannon C. Banning, junior in chemistry from Beecher City. Banning's parents are Randy K. and Christy C. Banning. Banning's faculty advisers were Gary R. Kinsel, professor of chemistry and biochemistry, and Mary E. Kinsel, associate scientist in the Office of Research Development and Administration.

Banning's project, titled "Quantitative Determination of Methimazole in Veterinary Pharmaceuticals," looked at developing an analytical method to quantitatively determine the amount of methimazole in meat-based tablets given to cats to combat a common thyroid condition.

People's Choice Award

TeSha S. Dozier, senior in psychology from Belleville. Dozier's parents are Marlon Dozier and Denese Drummond. Dozier's faculty mentor was Rheeda L. Walker, assistant professor of psychology.

Dozier's project, titled "Relations Between Body Image and Psychological Well-Being of African-American College Women," explored potential psychological influences and acculturation on body dissatisfaction among African American women.

Other students entering the competition by hometown, their parents and research project title included:



• Laura E. Tolar, senior in psychology and daughter of the late Billy W. Darnell of Anna and Laura J. Norton, of Fort Worth, Texas. "Parent-Child Interactions and Child Externalizing Behaviors."


• Laura Hepp Kessel, senior in social work from Ava and daughter of Vernon L. Kessel Jr. of Chester and Sheryl A. Kessel of Campbell Hill. "Adult Children of Alcoholics: An Exploration of the Effects with Residents of Rural Southern Illinois."


• Willie Walker Jr., senior in industrial technology and son of Willie Sr. and Alicia Walker. "Grad N Go: An Atypical Experience."


• Janie G. Blanks, senior in civil engineering and daughter of Deborah A. Adams. "Operation of Multi-Reservoir Systems Using a Genetic Algorithm."

Campbell Hill

• See Ava


• Russell O. McKeith, junior in animal science and son of Floyd K. and Sandra E. McKeith. "Do Ergot Alkaloids Alter Ruminal E. Coli Concentrations in an In Vitro System?"


• Ryan J. McMillen, junior in plant biology and son of William J. and Diana S. McMillen. "Correlation Between Genome Size and Stomatal Length in Pteridophytes."


• See Ava


• Antonio Rodriguez, senior in political science and son of Carolina Rodriguez.

• April L. Vigardt, senior in plant and soil science and daughter of Thomas A. Luzadder and Sandra L. and Howard Russell. "The Effects of Vermicmpost on the Growth and Establishment of Broccoli Transplants."

• Esteban del Valle, senior in painting. Parents are Miguel and Lupe del Valle. "The Narcissus Effect: A Mixed-Media Exploration of the Relationship Between Self-Portraiture and Graffiti Art."


• Jayme E. Marler, senior in social work. Parents are Jeff and Nancy Asberry. "Rural Agency Clinical Research: One Researcher's Experience."


• David J. Dalzotto, senior in hydrology and son of Kerry L. and Connie E. Dalzotto. "Responses to Restoration and Management of Giant Cane in Southern Illinois."


• Sarah J. Tatlock, senior in fashion merchandising and daughter of Thomas M. and Karen A. Tatlock. "Tying the Past Together: A Corset History."


• Brenda K. Sanders, senior in university studies and daughter of Wayne and Stella L. Wright. "Can the Medical Model of Teaching be Used to Better Prepare Principals?"


• See West Frankfort


• Brittny L. Corrigan, senior in zoology and daughter of Edward J. and Karen K. Corrigan. "Vagus Nerve Stimulation is an Effective Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury: A Skilled Forelimb Reaching Assessment."


• Danielle Malmquist, senior in psychology and daughter of Wayne A. and Nancy Malmquist. "Creativity and Mood."


• Jodi M. Vandermyde, junior in zoology. Parents are David J. and Patricia M. Vandermyde. "Otolith and Muscle Reflect Fish Trophic Level and Distinguish Fish from Forested and Agricultural Streams."


• Carl L. Alexander, senior in civil engineering and son of Robert C. and Louise W. Alexander. "Analysis of Pavement Response under Different Environmental Conditions."


• Joan A. Weber, senior in early childhood education and daughter of Wayne E. and Ellen L. Weber. "Findings Across Screening Tools."


• Robyn M. Reeves, senior in cinema and photography. Parents are Richard H. and Elise C. Reeves. "SciGirls."


• Amanda C. Rabideau, sophomore in physiology and philosophy and daughter of Thomas E. and Ruth Ann Rabideau. "Immunohistochemical Analysis of Steroidogenic Enzymes in the Testes and Ovaries of Mice Expressing a Constitutively Active Luteinizing Hormone Receptor."

• Kelly J. Smith, senior in information systems and technologies. Parents are Jim M. and Donna V. Halleran. "An Examination of Undergraduate Ethics Requirements and Instructional Methods in the Accounting and Information Technology Disciplines."

Red Bud

• Sean Z. Goodin, sophomore in physiology, philosophy and political science and son of William V. and Loretta G. Goodin. "Gender Differences in the Central Melanocortin System Regulation of Food Intake and Energy Expenditure."


• Jennifer B. Musselman, senior in interior design and daughter of Robert R. and Anne Rider. "Adaptive Re-use of Historic Structures: Cultural Development of Rural Communities via the Reinterpretation of the WPA Library" and "Service to the Region: The Utilization of the Historic Structures Report."

• Jared S. Boulds, junior in chemistry and son of James and Sherry Lynn Boulds. "Determination and Optimization of the Efficiency of Current Methods of Protein Identification."


• Kurt D. Seifert, senior in biological sciences and son of Gerald L. and Carol M. Seifert. "An Investigation of the Daily Migration and Predation Rates of Chaoborus in the SIUC Wildlife Pond During Autumn."

West Frankfort

• Laura D. Deaton, senior in psychology and daughter of Jody L. Deaton of Herrin and Leni D. Kearney of West Frankfort. "Effects of Rare Events on Frequency Estimations."


Terre Haute

• Brett A. Timmons, senior in zoology and son of Douglas L. and Glenna J. Timmons. "Biological Control of Snail Populations Using the Native Sunfishes Red-Ear, Warmouth and Red-Ear X Warmouth Hybrid."



* Nadia Lopez, senior in zoology and daughter of Julian and Rosa M. Lopez. "The Use of Preference of Structural, Object and Social Enrichment of Captive Callitrichid Primates, Cotton-top Tamarin and Callimico."