May 02, 2007

Journalism school awards 32 scholarships

by Pete Rosenbery

CARBONDALE -- Twenty-eight students are the recipients of scholarships from Southern Illinois University Carbondale's School of Journalism.

The winners include students in several specialties, including news/editorial, photojournalism and advertising/integrated marketing communications.

In addition, four incoming students who plan to major in journalism received scholarships. The 32 scholarships presented total more than $24,800.

Here is a list of scholarship winners, by hometown. Where available, the listing contains the winner's name, year in school, major, scholarship name and the amount, and parent's names.


Barrington: Raymond R. Sophie, sophomore, news/editorial and radio-television news. William Randolph Hearst Scholarship, $400, Raymond and Jean Sophie.

Batavia: Ryan M. Rendleman, senior, news/editorial. Judith Roales Scholarship, $2,500.

Belleville: Amanda K. Schnur, sophomore, advertising/integrated marketing communications. Journalism Alumnus Scholarship, $250, Kenneth and Deborah Schnur.

Bloomington: Lisa M. Schmitt, senior, news/editorial. Charles C. Clayton Scholarship, $1,000.

Bolingbrook: Emily M. Sunblade, sophomore, photojournalism. Linda K. Henson Photojournalism Scholarship, $600.

Centralia: Jason E. Van Houten, senior, news/editorial. Harry W. and Helen M. Stonecipher Scholarship, $1,800.

Bradley S. Rollinson, senior, news/editorial. William Randolph Hearst Scholarship, $400, Ruth Rollinson, Salem.

Champaign: Tiffany Anne Cochran, junior, advertising/integrated marketing communications. Charlotte Thompson Suhler Advertising Award, $1,300.

Chatham: Devon L. Barhoover, junior, advertising/integrated marketing communications. Journalism Faculty Emeritus Scholarship, $250, Stephen and Judy Barhoover.

Chicago: Alejandro Gonzalez, sophomore, news/editorial. Steven B. Hahn Memorial Scholarship, $1,275, Yolanda Ortega.

Jana L. Hughes, junior, advertising/integrated marketing communications. Donald Hileman Memorial Scholarship, $400.

Aerial A. McCall, senior, journalism. Marcia Bullard Scholarship, $780.

Chillicothe: Kelsey A. Therkildsen, sophomore, advertising/integrated marketing communications. Golden Quill Award, $300, Kathy Turner, and Eric Therkildsen, Peoria.

Crystal Lake: Jessica J. Wolf, junior, news/editorial. William Randolph Hearst Scholarship, $400, Daniel and Mary Wolf.

Freeport: Jordan I. Wescott-Wilson, senior, news/editorial. Polly Robinson Memorial Scholarship, $1,200.

Grantsburg: Levi C. Lohnes, senior, advertising/integrated marketing communications. Anne West-Lindsey Scholarship, $1,250.

Hampton: Diana L. Glenn, junior, photojournalism. Linda K. Henson Photojournalism Scholarship, $600, Susan and Richard King and Steven Glenn, Moline.

Jerseyville: Karyn L. Graham, sophomore, advertising/integrated marketing communications. Southern Illinois Editorial Association Scholarship, $600. Mark and the late Liz Graham (101 Bradford Place).

Marissa: Amanda L. Averbeck, junior, news/editorial. William Lyons Scholarship, $800. Donald Averbeck Sr., and Lynn Averbeck.

Moline: Please see Hampton, Ill.

Mount Prospect: Please see Palatine, Ill.

Morrison: Lindsey G. Smith, incoming freshman, news/editorial. W. Manion Rice Scholarship, $750, Robert and Francine Smith.

Naperville: Amber N. Fijolek, senior, news/editorial. Ray Serati-Ben Kiningham Illinois Legislative Correspondents Association Scholarship, $760.

O'Fallon: Jarel A. Loveless, senior, news/editorial. Paisley Family Scholarship, $600.

Palatine: Lydia M. Bargielski, sophomore, news/editorial. Southern Illinois Editorial Association Scholarship, $600, Kathy Bargielski, and Bogdan Bargielski, Mount Prospect.

Peoria: Please see Chillicothe.

Salem: Please see Centralia.

Sandwich: Please see Williamsville.

Streator: Ashley M. Durdan, senior, advertising/integrated marketing communications. James Murphy Memorial Scholarship, $360, Steven and Patricia Durdan.

Teutopolis: Joseph E. Crawford, senior, news/editorial. Anne West-Lindsey Scholarship, $1,250.

Ullin: Lita Ann Wilson, incoming sophomore, news/editorial. Harry Stonecipher Recruiting Scholarship, $650.

Venedy: Sarah E. Lohman, sophomore, news/editorial. Steven B. Hahn Memorial Scholarship, $1,275, Robert and Carol Lohman.

Vienna: Amanda Grant, incoming junior, news/editorial. Harry Stonecipher Recruiting Scholarship, $650.

West Salem: Brandon Lee Weisenberger, sophomore, news/editorial. Small-Seright Scholarship, $800.

Williamsville: Jennifer L. Methling, senior, advertising/integrated marketing communications. Charles Feirich Memorial Scholarship, $860, Connie Long and Kenneth J. Methling, Sandwich.


Kirkwood: James Durbin, incoming freshman, photojournalism. Howard R. Long Journalism Scholarship, $750. James and Martha Durbin.

O'Fallon: Brian T. Feldt, junior, news/editorial. Bill Harmon Scholarship, $400.