March 29, 2007

SIUC announces Rickert-Ziebold art finalists

by Tom Woolf

CARBONDALE, Ill. – Eighteen seniors in Southern Illinois University Carbondale's School of Art and Design are finalists in the annual Rickert-Ziebold Trust Award Competition.

The award, one of the largest of its type in the country, is in memory of the Joseph Rickert family, who established it to encourage young artists. The finalists are competing for $20,000 in awards.

An exhibition of the finalists' creations will run from 11 a.m., April 23, until noon, April 28, at the Surplus Gallery in the Glove Factory, 432 S. Washington St., Carbondale. Announcement of the winners will take place at 3 p.m. on April 23 at the Surplus Gallery.

Here are the names of the finalists, listed by hometown:

Camargo: Stephanie Lamb, visual communications.

Carbondale: Jessica West, industrial design.

Champaign: Gabrielle A. Ferguson, ceramics.

Chicago: Alex Ayala, industrial design.

Cutler: Becky Trail, visual communications.

Frankfort: Amy Pleticha, painting.

Galena: Joshua Dewall, glass.

Glen Ellyn: Kevin Kearney, visual communications.

Morris: Tim Kowalczyk, ceramics.

Murphysboro: Christopher Lehr, metals.

Olney: Sarah Vaughn, glass.

Park Ridge: Molly Helena Berg, ceramics.

Springfield: Carroll A. Cass, painting.


Mount Washington: David Gugerty, ceramics.


St. Louis: Andrew Hesed, glass.

New Mexico

Silver City: Brian Engel, glass.


Two Rivers: Chris Biegun, painting.