February 27, 2007

Popular Camp CEO set for July 8-13 at SIUC

by Chase Goble

CARBONDALE, Ill. — Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be Bill Gates of Microsoft, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Meg Whitman of eBay or even Oprah Winfrey? Do your parents or one of your relatives own their own business?

Camp CEO puts prospective business owners in the driver's seat. Those attending will learn to be their own boss as they create business plans, make new friends, and participate in lots of fun recreational opportunities while enjoying life at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Those attending will leave camp with a business plan, a briefcase, business cards, marketing plans and much more. During the final day of camp, they will have an opportunity to present their business ideas to a panel of judges during the Camp CEO Business Plan Challenge. They can also walk away with real "venture capital" to start their own company. Camp CEO is all about fun and learning at the same time.

The camp includes leadership training, Student Recreation Center access, games and competitions, outdoor activities, business site visits, networking receptions, special speakers, and a professional etiquette dinner. Those attending will develop skills in negotiation, sales, customer service, leadership, problem solving, networking, time management, record-keeping and public speaking.

Using a unique and in-depth approach, the challenging camp will instill an outlook and mindset in business ownership that will help those attending discover financial opportunities now and throughout their life.

The camp is set for July 8-13 at various times on the SIUC campus. The cost to participate in this camp is $395.

For more information, contact the SIUC Division of Continuing Education at 618/536-7751 or visit www.dce.siu.edu.