December 11, 2006

SIUC honors employees for years of service

by Pete Rosenbery

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Southern Illinois University Carbondale is recognizing hundreds of employees for dedicated service.

Employees with 10, 15 and 20 years of service were honored during ceremonies on Friday, Dec. 8. SIUC honors those employees with 25 or more years of service each year in August.

Celebrating faculty and staff excellence is among the goals of Southern at 150: Building Excellence Through Commitment, the blueprint the University is following as it approaches its 150th anniversary in 2019.

Here is a list of those receiving service honors, by hometown and years of service:


20 years — David L. Bergerhouse, research assistant professor, Fisheries and Illinois Aquaculture Center.

Alto Pass

15 years — Joseph John Patrick, maintenance laborer, physical plant; 10 years — Mary Lou Stammer, medical services administrator, family and community medicine/Carbondale, School of Medicine-Springfield.


20 years — Judith V. McFadden, clinical instructor, School of Social Work; Linda L. Wright, cooks helper, University Housing; 15 years — Robert Warshawsky, lecturer, School of Social Work.


10 years — Cynthia S. Mester, specialist in Education, workforce education and development.


10 years — Jeffrey D. Walker, painter, physical plant; Lowell R. Williamson, associate director, information technology.


10 years — Clarissa June Terbrak, academic contract specialist, Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor.


20 years — Margaret Susan Lay, business manager II, Office of Economic and Regional Development; Bonnie H. Wininger, assistant instructor, Head Start Agency; 15 years — Rebecca J. Mandrell, lecturer, mathematics; 10 years — Marya Jayne Smith, assistant instructor, curriculum and instruction.


15 years — Connie Mae Childers, office systems specialist II, psychology.

Campbell Hill

15 years — Karen Sue Bollmann, assistant instructor, Head Start Agency; 10 years — Cheryl A. Bauersachs, business manager II, bursar.


10 years — Loretta Faye Baggott, office systems specialist I, International Development; Traci L. Wiseman, office systems assistant III, Intercollegiate Athletics.


20 years — David Michael Adams, director, Rehabilitation Institute; Jane H. Adams, professor, anthropology; Naushad Ali, professor, physics; Jackie Allen, building service sub-foreman, physical plant; Kelvin L. Booker, admissions/records officer III, International Students and Scholars; James E. Bordieri, interim associate dean, Rehabilitation Institute; Saundra Y. Cawthon, office systems specialist II, international development; Rickey David Clark, technician II, press, printing and duplicating service; Diane K. Daugherty, coach, Intercollegiate Athletics; Jeffrey M. Duke, deputy director, Student Center; Michael L. Grey, associate professor, School of Allied Health; Lalit Gupta, professor, electrical and computer engineering; Janis E. Hartline, medical insurance specialist II, Student Health Center; Roy H. Joy, counseling psychologist, Counseling Center; Phyllis J. Laster Khaaliq, office systems specialist II, Rehabilitation Institute; Charlette Susan Kohler, associate director, Office of Economic and Regional Development; Aldo D. Migone, chairperson and professor, physics; Don Everett Prosser, lecturer, finance; Vijay K. Puri, professor, civil and environmental engineering; Mary C. Rudasill, associate professor, School of Law; Paul D. Sarvela, dean, College of Applied Sciences and Arts; Mohammed R. Sayeh, professor, electrical and computer engineering; Gina J. Shiplett, space administrator III, Student Center; Rebecca G. Skibinski, academic advisor, workforce education and development; Michael G. Smart, assistant manager, information technology; Richard Lee Snell, driver, physical plant; Michelle J. Suarez, assistant director, alumni services; Jane Laurel Swanson, chairperson, psychology; Suresh K. Tadisina, associate professor, management; Ronald A. Trentacosti, driver, physical plant; Rory L. Walters, medical laboratory technician II, Student Health Center; John S. Washburn, professor, workforce education and development; Robert B. Welker, professor, accountancy; Dale E. Wittmer, professor and chairperson, mechanical engineering and energy processes; 15 years — James Smith Allen, director/professor, history; Debra Lynn Anderson, admissions/records officer II, Graduate School; Andrea D. Baker, assistant instructor, Head Start Agency; Blaine Bartholomew, professor, biochemistry and molecular biology-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Diann Sue Bauer, human resource assistant manager, Executive Director of Finance; Rolando Bravo, associate professor, civil and environmental engineering; Philip Brown, associate professor, School of Music; Edward J. Brunner, professor, English; Gregory Budzban, associate professor, mathematics; Shirley M. Castle, accountant III, accounting services; Roger Feng-Chang Chang, chairperson, technology; Gerald E. Churchill, building service worker, physical plant; David T. Cronin, painter foreman, physical plant; Robert E. Fox, professor, English; Frederick S. Hees, local area network administrator, College of Education and Human Services; P. Michael Kimmel, visiting instructor, aviation management and flight; Elizabeth Theresa Klaver, professor, English; Carey Krajewski, professor, zoology; Robbie Lieberman, professor, history; David A. Lightfoot, professor, plant, soil and agricultural systems; Beth Ellenora Lordan, professor, English; John R. Magney, assistant professor, School of Information Systems & Applied Technologies; William Thomas McDowell, natural science laboratory assistant II, academic support, School of Medicine-Carbondale; Nancy A. Mundschenk, associate professor, educational psychology and special education; Jeffrey Keith Myers, senior technology transfer specialist, research development and administration; Nancy L. Nowak, staff nurse II, Student Health Center; Roberta J. Ogletree, professor, higher education and recreation; Rebecca Jane O'Neill, clinical professor, School of Law; Camilla Patterson, building service sub-foreman, physical plant; Patricia L. Perschbacher, administrative assistant, executive director administration; Charmaine Beatrice Porter, program administrative assistant, physiology, School of Medicine-Carbondale; Candace M. Powell, medical transcriptionist II, Student Health Center; Dhananjay Ravat, professor, geology; Don Stephen Rice, associate provost, Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor; Prudence M. Rice, associate vice chancellor, Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Dean; Dallas R. Service, communications network specialist II, library affairs; Carolyn A. Snyder, professor, library affairs; Sue L. Spears, accountant II, accounting services; Herbert Aaron Stearns, mailing service manager, campus mail service; Charles I. Stubbart, associate professor, management; Bernadette Marie Summerville, administrative assistant I, Associate Chancellor-Diversity; Darrell Wayne Taylor, associate professor, Rehabilitation Institute; Brooke H.H. Thibeault, lecturer, foreign languages and literatures; Barbara Ann Tipton, building service worker, physical plant; Spyros Tragoudas, professor, electrical and computer engineering; Dollean York-Anderson, counseling psychologist, Student Health Center; 10 years — Najjar Abdul-Musawwir, assistant professor, School of Art and Design; Lydia A. Arbogast, associate professor, psychology, School of Medicine-Carbondale; Deborah D. Babcock, human resource representative, Human Resources; Nanditha Balasubramanian, assistant director, SIU Foundation; Constance Kemp Bosworth, physician, Student Health Center; Stephen A. Carelli, director, SIUC in Niigata; Emily Jo Carter, interim director, Office of Economic and Regional Development; Anne Kathleen Chandler, associate professor, English; Michele A. Damian, senior applications analyst, University Housing; Bakul C. Dave, associate professor, chemistry and biochemistry; David Joseph Degenhardt, refrigeration mechanic foreman, physical plant; Charlotte J. Elder, office systems specialist III, radio & television; Peter Filip, director, Center for Advanced Friction Studies; David Wayne Gilbert, associate professor, automotive technology; Karen C. Glidewell, director, University Risk Management; Jill T. Gobert, associate director for institutional advancement, SIU Foundation; Sharon R. Granderson, graphics designer II, library affairs; Charles A. Hofling, professor, anthropology; Kathryn Ann Hytten, associate professor, educational administration and higher education; John P. Janecek, researcher III, Associate Chancellor-Diversity; Saliwe Kawewe, professor, School of Social Work; Laura Klosterman Kidd, associate professor, School of Architecture; Joyce Ann Lee, maintenance laborer, physical plant; Suzanne Lord, associate professor, School of Music; Jean C. Mangun, associate professor, forestry; John McSorley, assistant professor, mathematics; Khalid Meksem, associate professor, plant soil and agricultural systems; Manoj K. Mohanty, associate professor, mining and mineral resources engineering; Donald Dean Moore, kitchen helper, University Housing; Kyaw Thet Naing, assistant professor, family and community medicine, School of Medicine-Carbondale; Thomas W. Price, academic advisor, College of Liberal Arts; Karen Renzaglia, assistant professor, plant biology; Donnie Robbins, maintenance laborer, physical plant; Sheila Jeanne Simon, clinical associate professor, School of Law; Michael C. Sullivan, associate professor, mathematics; Wayne M. Thomas, kitchen helper, University Housing; Jodelle Williams, office systems specialist III, College of Education and Human Services; Bryan Douglas Wise, microfilm operator/technician I, micrographics; Andrew J. Wood, professor, plant biology; Barbara Woodside, child care assistant, Rainbow's End; Mildred Jane Woodside, account technician II, accounting services.


20 years — John H. Dunning, police corporal, Department of Public Safety; Kimbra C. Frost, library operations associate, library affairs; Robert Louis Helleny, digital computer operator III, information technology; John Morgando, Jr., building service sub-foreman, physical plant; Johnny Austin Spence, maintenance laborer, physical plant; William Thomas, assistant director, records and registration; Paula E. Wilkerson, training assistant, University Housing; 15 years — Charles William Clemens, medical chief of staff, Student Health Center; Herbert Jesse Hale, building service sub-foreman, physical plant; Kyle Lee Lake, procedures and systems analyst III, University Press; 10 years — Linda K. Auxier, office systems specialist III, Intercollegiate Athletics; Sonja Stephanie Bailey, office systems specialist II, geology; Lynn Marie Bittle, assistant instructor, curriculum and instruction; Charlene A. Burrell, office systems specialist I, Rehabilitation Institute; Judith K. Capie, education coordinator, AIS Office; William Bradley Colwell, chairperson, educational administration and higher education; Bruce DeRuntz, associate professor, technology; Jeffrey Paul Garner, photographer III, Media & Communication Resources; Larry D. Gentry, pre-press technician III, printing and duplicating service; Cynthia Ann Yoakum Gerlock, automotive parts manager, automotive technology; Frederick John Gill, power plant instrument technician, physical plant; Lynn T. Gill, coordinator, Student Health Center; Kyle L. Harfst, business and technology enterprise development director, Office of Economic and Regional Development; Kimberly Lynn Hawk, accountant I, SIU Foundation; Jerry D. Huffstutler, building service sub-foreman, University Housing; Scotty R. Mofield, physical science technical assistant, mining and mineral resources; Thomas Leroy Newton, coach, Intercollegiate Athletics; Jerry Ralph Nuss, Jr., police officer, Department of Public Safety; Jason David Phillips, senior applications analyst, Student Health Center; Nicholas Pinter, professor, geology; Dena L. Stogsdill, office systems specialist III, College of Business and Administration; Sherry Lynn Yow, patient unit clerk II, Student Health Center.


15 years — Irene Rebecca Swain, office systems specialist I, anthropology.


20 years — Ray Edward Houseman, broadcasting engineer, broadcasting service; Pamela Jacobini, office systems specialist II, physiology-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Robynn Rosen Nawrot, field representative, Center for Rural Health and Social Service Development; 15 years — Joan Ball, costumer, theater; 10 years — Bret B. Dougherty, coordinator of administrative services, physical plant; Holly Elizabeth Duckworth, assistant instructor, Head Start Agency; Reuben A. Hawkins, central systems control operator, physical plant; Gail B. Robinson, lecturer/academic advisor, College of Science; Leonard C. Smith, maintenance laborer, physical plant.

De Soto

20 years — Jerry Russell Cave, farmer, animal science food and nutrition; Willie J. Cave-Dunkel, field representative, aviation technologies; 15 years — Tammy Renay Pugh, administrative aide, Intercollegiate Athletics; Edmund Riddle, manager, library affairs; Dana J. Vinyard, customer service representative III, information technology; 10 years — Laurie R. Dunn, assistant professor, School of Allied Health; Jennifer Whiting, researcher II, Student Health Center.


15 years — Patricia Ann Shaffer, licensed practical nurse II, Student Health Center.

Du Quoin

20 years — William J. McCollum, building service worker, University Housing; 15 years — Kathy L. Krisfaluzy, financial aid advisor IV, financial aid office; Paulette Lynn Patterson, office systems specialist III, Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Dean; 10 years — Kim Carter, visiting lecturer, aviation management and flight; William G. Eastman, Jr., collection specialist III, bursar; Dennis Wayne Hamburger, electrician, physical plant; Roger L. Macaluso, building service sub-foreman, physical plant; Stanley E. Patterson, driver, physical plant; Frances L. Stanley, technical editor, philosophy.


15 years — Bette A. Humphreys, clerk, purchasing; Cheryl Lynn Russell, office systems specialist II, health education and recreation.


20 years — Keith F. Mortag, assistant instructor, aviation management and flight; 10 years — Arthur H. Scheffer, stationary engineer, physical plant.


20 years — Thomas Crews Daniel, plumber, physical plant; 15 years — Christopher Scott Miller, police officer, Department of Public Safety; 10 years — Jeff A. Goelz, coordinator, recreational sports and services.


20 years — Janice M. Evans, office systems specialist II, theater.


20 years — Dennis Earl Burks, building service worker, University Housing; E.J. Callahan, maintenance laborer, physical plant; 15 years — David Scott Kampe, visiting assistant instructor, aviation management and flight; Joann Murphy, building service foreman, physical plant; 10 years — Wanda Fay Bush, kitchen helper, University Housing; Janna M. Gharbawi, office systems specialist III, undergraduate admissions; Debra Iva Perkins, campus transportation operator, Head Start Agency; Sharon Mae Richardson, office systems specialist II, Department of Public Safety.


15 years — Diane B. Korando, office systems specialist III, linguistics.

Johnston City

10 years — Lisa Marie Lindhorst, field representative, School of Information Systems and Applied Technologies.


15 years — Marilyn V. Lingle, researcher I, Paul Simon Public Policy Institute; 10 years — Stephanie Dillard, lecturer, School of Social Work.


20 years — Mary Sue Chaklos, visiting instructor, MEDPREP; Kathy S. Doan, assistant, program administrative, rural health and social service development; Brenda O. Gilbert, director, clinical center; Michael M. Mangan, electrical engineer II, physical plant; Linda Lou Preece, assistant professor, School of Information Systems and Applied Technologies; Donna Marie Wilson, associate professor, kinesiology; 15 years — Michael L. Humphries, chairperson, English; 10 years — John Paul Dunn, specialist, library affairs; Molly Elizabeth Edwards-Britton, academic advisor, School of Architecture; Susan J. Moberly, program administrative assistant, School of Law; Daniel J. Parker, laboratory manager, chemistry and biochemistry; James Joseph Synowiec, painter, physical plant; Jie Zhang Tyrrell, admissions/records officer I, records and registration; Mark Kent Varns, chairperson, theater.


20 years — Adam C. Floro, systems programmer III, information technology; 15 years — Lyle Cline, field representative, mining and mineral resources engineering; Brenda Kay Dahmer, office systems specialist II, workforce education and development; Cynthia Gayle Ketring, food production manager, University Housing; Reed Elliot Nelson, associate professor, management; Diane Marie Richey, instructor, curriculum and instruction; 10 years — George P. Aldridge, storekeeper II, University Housing; Jason Adam Bruce, supervisor of graphic design, Media & Communication Resources; Emily Sue Eldridge, patient unit clerk II, Student Health Center; Elizabeth Grace Grounds, lecturer, curriculum and instruction; Martin A. Hebel, assistant professor, School of Information Systems and Applied Technologies; William A. Henson, carpenter, physical plant; Marilyn Jane Miller, library assistant, School of Law Library; Patricia Norris, office systems specialist I, Rehabilitation Institute; Jamie S. Richardson, office systems assistant III, curriculum and instruction; Harold Todd Vaughn, clinical instructor, School of Allied Health; Michael B. Wiemken, communication technician II, information technology.


20 years — Kevin D. Bame, executive director for finance, campus mail service; Cheryl A. Clutts, assistant, program administrative, University Housing; Rodney B. Collard, associate professor, automotive technology; James D. Hamilton, Jr., accounting associate, budget office; Dana M. Hunsperger, program administrative assistant, College of Engineering; Danny P. Jefferies, assistant professor, School of Allied Health; Kathy Sue Lundeen account technician II, University Risk Management; Theresa Lynn Mills, office systems specialist III, Department of Public Safety; Linda Kay Porter-Smith, senior library specialist, library affairs; Cheryl Ann Reinhardt, business/administrative associate, Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor; Donald Rendleman, assistant stores supervisor, physical plant; Karen L. Waldron, office systems specialist III, School of Journalism; Jennifer L. Watson, human resource manager, human resources; Thomas E. Welten, farm mechanic, College of Agricultural Sciences; Melinda Ytzen, administrative clerk, College of Education Student Services; 15 years — Michele Anne Baird, assistant instructor, curriculum and instruction; Leonard Charles Brantley, building service sub-foreman, physical plant; Scott E. Bridges, coordinator, Information Technology; Robert David DeHoet, director, University Museum; James Garofalo, professor, Crime, Delinquency and Corrections Center; Robert William Kaps, associate professor, aviation management and flight; Patricia A. Lindner, office systems specialist II, aviation technologies; M. Joan McDermott, associate professor, Women's Studies; Deborah F. Piquard, office systems accountant III, Office of Military Programs; Eva Pregowski, administrative assistant I, Rehabilitation Institute; John T. Reed, electrician, physical plant; Brenda Kay Roth, accountant III, Head Start Agency; Michael W. Rothe, arena technician, Intercollegiate Athletics; Sandra W. Williams, administrative assistant I, AIS office; 10 years — Misty K. Butler, parking services agent I; traffic and parking; George H. Calvert, driver, physical plant; Paul T. Chapman, maintenance laborer, physical plant; Billie Donas, office systems specialist I, School of Law; Richard D. Geilhausen, researcher I, mining and mineral resources; Barbara S. Gillespie, assistant instructor, Head Start Agency; Paula D. Heine, office systems specialist I, education and curriculum, School of Medicine-Carbondale; Dawn Donelle Legier, office systems specialist III, workforce education and development; Joyce Darlene Pautler, cashier II, bursar; Keith Allen Rendleman, carpenter foreman, physical plant; Deborah A. Reneau, researcher III, workforce education and development; David A. Rush, associate professor, theater; Glenda D. Sullivan, office systems specialist III, MEDPREP; Michele Lynn Tourville, office systems specialist I, University Housing; Wesley W. Will, network specialist II, information technology; Brenda Kaye Williamson, building service worker, University Housing.


10 years — Pamela Jean McGuire, food production manager, University Housing.


15 years — Linda F. Dorsey, analyst, applications, information technology.


15 years — Dianna D. Kuhnert, administrative aide, general counsel and legal affairs.


10 years — Patrick L. Fletcher, stationary engineer, physical plant; Richard Lee Guye, assistant to power plant mechanical engineer, physical plant.

West Frankfort

15 years — Dawn A. Allen, assistant instructor, curriculum and instruction; Kay Lynn Herstedt, senior library specialist, library affairs; 10 years — Debra L. Clay, accountant I, School of Journalism; Royann Wilson, staff nurse I, family and community medicine/Carbondale, School of Medicine-Springfield.



20 years — Andrea K. Orrantia, administrative clerk, workforce education and development.


Bossier City

15 years — Jennifer R.S. Holt, chief clerk, College of Engineering Outreach Programs.



10 years — Stephen Craig Shulman, associate professor, political science.


15 years — Kathleen Kelly McKerrow, associate professor, educational administration and higher education.

South Carolina

North Charleston

10 years — Marzell S. Davis, visiting assistant professor, workforce education and development.


10 years — Jetty Ann Wright, program advisor, College of Applied Science off-campus academic programs.


La Crosse

15 years — Lane H. Clark, professor, mathematics.