August 23, 2006

SIUC to honor 115 retirees

by Pete Rosenbery

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Southern Illinois University Carbondale will honor 115 retirees at a retirement and service recognition reception dinner next week.

The event is Wednesday, Aug. 30, in the Student Center Ballrooms. A reception begins at 6 p.m. in the John W. Corker Lounge. Dinner begins at 6:30 p.m.

Chancellor Walter V. Wendler and his wife, Mary, are hosting the evening's festivities.

Recognizing employee service is among the goals of Southern at 150: Building Excellence Through Commitment, the blueprint the University is following as it approaches its 150th anniversary in 2019.

Here are the retirees listed by hometown and years of service:


Larry J. Hill, Ironworker Foreman, Physical Plant Service, 16 years.


Dan R. Jones, Associate Professor, Curriculum and Instruction, 27 years.

Alan L. Lasley, Visiting Assistant Professor, College of Engineering Outreach Programs, 21 years.


Ursula K. Batson, Parking Services Agent I, Traffic and Parking, 16 years.

Sharon K. Benton, Office Systems Specialist III, Intercollegiate Athletics, 28 years.

Frederick Betz, Chairperson/Professor, Foreign Languages & Literature, 28 years.

M. Kent Bishop, Field Representative, College of Applied Sciences and Arts, 17 years.

Carol Ann Burns, Managing Editor, University Press, 25 years.

Catherine J. Calbert, Cooks Helper, University Housing, 33 years.

Peter J. Carroll, Assistant Professor, Kinesiology, 37 years.

Rita Ann C. Cavitt, Human Resources Assistant Manager, Human Resources, 33 years.

Jackie L. Childers, Maintenance Laborer, Physical Plant Service, 22 years.

Deborah L. Cocke, Police Officer, Department of Public Safety, 26 years.

Janet M. Coffman, Director, Counseling Center, 25 years.

Thomas C. Cox, Professor, Physiology-School of Medicine, Carbondale, 24 years.

John C. Crelling, Professor, Geology, 28 years.

James N. Duke, Building Service Sub-Foreman, Physical Plant Service, 10 years.

Sheila A. Edwards, Bookstore Department Supervisor, Student Center-Bookstore, 10 years.

Hussein H. Elsaid, Chair/Professor, Finance, 38 years.

Kathleen G. Fahey, Assistant Professor, Library Affairs, 28 years.

Rosemary M. Farr, Building Service Worker, Physical Plant Service, 27 years.

Richard W. Flom, Food Service Sanitation Laborer, University Housing, 34 years.

Ann E. Gaylord, Academic Advisor, Mechanical Engineering & Energy Processes/Technology, 21 years.

Nancy M. Gonzenbach, Professor, ASA School of Information Systems and Applied Technology, 30 years.

Steven D. Higginbotham, Broadcasting Engineer, three years.

Julia D. Hines, Admissions/Records Officer II, Records and Registration, 32 years.

LaDonna J. Hodges, Human Resource Officer, Human Resources, 25 years.

Edward L. Jones, Director, University Housing, 19 years.

Patricia J. Karayiannis, Office Systems Specialist II, Civil and Environmental Engineering, 22 years.

Loretta P. Koch, Associate Professor, Library Affairs, 21 years.

John L. Kovacs, Stationary Engineer, Physical Plant Service, 31 years.

Sandy L. Lanzi, Account Technician II, Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor, five years.

Barbara A. Lemons, Medical Transcriptionist III, Student Health Center, 26 years.

Sandra J. Mason, Director, Micrographics, 31 years.

George Y. McNeil, Purchasing Officer III, Purchasing, 26 years.

Wanda L. Oakey, Chief Academic Advisor, College of Liberal Arts, 27 years.

Charles A. Parr, Storekeeper II, Chemistry and Biochemistry, 26 years.

Nancy Hunter Pei, Assistant to the Vice Chancellor, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, 34 years.

Sharon S. Purcell, Insurance Risk Manager II, University Risk Management, 28 years.

Allan A. Quamen, Automotive Technician, Travel Service, 29 years.

Myke Ramsey, Chief Clerk, Key Control, 29 years.

Bill T. Ray, Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, 20 years.

Jo A. Reese, Medical Insurance Specialist III, Student Health Center, 30 years.

Michael B. Reese, Research Engineering Assistant, Electrical and Computer Engineering, 20 years.

Cozette I. Samuel, Office Systems Assistant III, Evaluation and Developmental Center, 29 years.

Shirley C. Scott, Dean, College of Liberal Arts, seven years.

Bille D. Seibert, Visiting Lecturer, ASA Aviation Management and Flight, 17 years.

Connie Rae Shafer, Administrative Assistant I, College of Agricultural Sciences, 30 years.

Jon A. Shidler, Associate Professor, School of Journalism, 15 years.

Jolynn F. Smith, Lecturer, Microbiology, 28 years.

Norman Vieira, Professor, School of Law, 23 years.

George H. Waring, Professor, Zoology, 38 years.

Beaufford J. Wells, Building Service Worker, Physical Plant Service, 21 years.

Laurel A. Wendt, Professor, School of Law Library, 28 years.

Frederick Williams, Director, University Honors, 29 years.


Beverly M. Brown, Professor, Educational Psychology and Special Education, 31 years.

Herbert J. Hale, Building Service Sub-Foreman, Physical Plant Service, 12 years.

Robert Holmes, Associate Professor, Family and Community Medicine, 18 years.

Terry J. Rutherford, Director, Student Center, 29 years.

LaLeeta J. Wilson, Office Systems Specialist III, Construction Management Services, 20 years.


Betsy Hutton-Flamm, Senior Library Specialist, School of Law Library, 28 years.

Brian K. Lukes, Assistant Director, Recreational Sports and Services, 28 years.

Curtis E. Lyerla, Dish room Supervisor, University Housing, eight years.

Jan D. Nielsen, Construction Project Coordinator II, Construction Management Services, 16 years.

Bruce L. Tetzlaff, Research Project Director, Fisheries and Illinois Aquaculture Center, 29 years.


Rose M. Mack, Cooks Helper, University Housing, 26 years.

De Soto

David W. Brewer, Research Assistant Professor, Education and Curriculum/MEDPREP-School of Medicine, Carbondale, 29 years.

Linda K. Daniels, Dining Room Supervisor, University Housing, 19 years.

Ola M. Enyart, Dining Room Supervisor, University Housing, 16 years.

Du Quoin

Sandra K. Miller, Office Systems Specialist II, ASA School of Architecture, 21 years.


David E. Johnson, Chief Flight Line Attendant, ASA Aviation Management & Flight, 33 years.


Sonja L. Henning, Business Manager I, Curriculum and Instruction, 20 years.

Patricia A. Lingle, Cooks Helper, University Housing, 18 years.


Richard Alegnani, Electrician Foreman, Physical Plant Service, 24 years.

Carol S. Roe, Building Service Sub-Foreman, Physical Plant Service, 23 years.

Georgia A. White, Administrative Clerk, Records and Registration, 14 years.

Johnston City

Terry M. Mason, Driver, Physical Plant Service, 26 years.


Iva Jo Hill, Director, Information Technology, 36 years.


Louis E. Hertter, Forest Custodian, Physical Plant Service, 12 years.


Jamie S. Richardson, Office Systems Assistant III, Curriculum and Instruction, 10 years.

Edward L. Yearack, Plumber, Physical Plant Service, 25 years.


Ronald R. Hartline, Maintenance Laborer, Physical Plant Service, two years.


Bertha L. Anderson, Dining Room Supervisor, University Housing, 27 years.

Jacquelyn Bailey, Chief Academic Advisor, College of Education Student Services, 27 years.

Noni Baril, Patient Unit Manager, Student Health Center, 16 years.

Loren D. Bruns, Food Service Assistant Manager, University Housing, 20 years.

Tracy L. Bryant, Natural Science Laboratory Assistant III, Academic Support-School of Medicine, Carbondale, 31 years.

Robert Cobb Jr., Building Service Sub-Foreman, Physical Plant Service, 31 years.

Bruce B. Dallas, Electrician, University Housing, 24 years.

William Herring, Carpenter, Physical Plant Service, 12 years.

Pansy D. Jones, Administrative Assistant I, College of Engineering, 35 years.

Helen L. Lasley, Office Systems Specialist II, College of Mass Communication and Media Arts, 14 years.

Nikki A. Martin, Academic Advisor, Civil and Environmental Engineering/Technology, 31 years.

Betty J. Miner, Dining Room Supervisor, University Housing, 23 years.

Rita A. Phillips, Administrative Aide, University Housing, 37 years.

Lula A. Polsgrove, Program Administrative Assistant, School of Law Library, 19 years.

Kenneth D. Pulcher, Plumber, Student Center, 11 years.

Deborah A. Reneau, Researcher III, Workforce Education & Development, nine years.

Dale O. Ritzel, Professor, Health Education and Recreation, 40 years.

Karen S. Smith, Office Systems Specialist III, Curriculum and Instruction, 15 years.

Gilbert H. Snyder, Building Service Sub-Foreman, Physical Plant Service, nine years.

John M. Tweedy, Press Technician II, Printing and Duplicating Service, 26 years.

Rhea L. Williamson, Office Systems Assistant II, ASA School of Architecture, 30 years.

Barbara A. Youther, Senior Library Specialist, Library Affairs, 22 years.


Debra K. Ramsey, Deputy Director, AIS Office, 28 years.


Michael E. Schmidt, Associate Professor, Plant, Soil, and Agricultural Systems, 25 years.


Vincent A. Lacey, Director, Computer Assisted Instructional Lab, 23 years.

West Frankfort

Deborah L. Cordts, Senior Library Specialist, Library Affairs, 17 years.

Douglas R. Cordts, Accountant IV, Bursar, 16 years.

Mona J. Ross, Office Systems Specialist II, College of Applied Sciences and Arts, 19 years.

Connie L. Rowe, Medical Insurance Specialist I, Family and Community Medicine, 9 years.


Chula Vista

Sandy N. Pincek, Program Advisor, ASA Off-Campus Academic Programs, 22 years.



Nancy G. O'Neill, Assistant Professor, ASA School of Allied Health, five years.


Beverly Hills

James R. Arrington, Building Service Sub-Foreman, Physical Plant Service, 15 years.



Valerie E. Brew-Parrish, Coordinator, Student Health Center, 17 years.