August 23, 2006

University to honor 87 employees for service

by Pete Rosenbery

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Southern Illinois University Carbondale will honor 87 employees for their service to the University during a service recognition and retirement reception and dinner next week in the Student Center.

The event is Wednesday, Aug. 30, in the Student Center Ballrooms. A reception begins at 6 p.m. in the John W. Corker Lounge. Dinner starts at 6:30 p.m.

Chancellor Walter V. Wendler and his wife, Mary, are hosting the evening's festivities, honoring employees with 25 or more years of service to the University.

Recognizing employee service is among the goals of Southern at 150: Building Excellence Through Commitment, the blueprint the University is following as it approaches its 150th anniversary in 2019.

The University will recognize the following employees, listed by the hometown and years of service.


30 years: Joanne Dillow, Division of Continuing Education.


30 years: Susan C. Edgren, Division of Continuing Education.


25 years: Michael J. Ashner, Health Education and Recreation; James F. Burnett, Physical Plant Service; William E. Byrnes, Library Affairs; Sylvia Ann Chalem, ASA School of Allied Health; Joanne M. Chezem, School of Social Work; David P. Clark, Microbiology; Bryan K. Crow, Speech Communication; Elyse Crowell, University Housing; Jean A. Cunningham, Counseling Center; Jon Davey, ASA School of Architecture; Marilyn R. Davis, Research Development and Administration; Patricia Doty; Physical Education; Andrew G. Earnest, Mathematics; William Eichfeld, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Kenneth B. Gill, Shryock Auditorium; Catherine M. Grenfell, College of Education and Human Services Student Services; Janice G. Grove, Rehabilitation Institute; Lee Ellen Holland, Pre Major Advisement Center; Candis S. Isberner, Broadcasting Service; Allan L. Karnes, Accountancy; Patrick J. Kelley, School of Law; Joyce E. Killian, Curriculum and Instruction; L. Anderson Lindberg, Manufacturing Extension Services; Lu Lyons, Graduate School; Eric P. Mandat, School of Music; Teresa M. McKinley, Associate Chancellor-Diversity; Darcy J K Murphy; Terry A. Owens, ASA School of Architecture; Ronald J. Pelias, Speech Communication; Kathleen Pericak-Spector, Mathematics; Karen K. Prichard, Educational Psychology and Special Education; Barbara E. Robinson, Career Services; Lawrence D. Shelton, Evaluation and Developmental Center; Scott J. Spector, Mathematics; Rita Boaz Sullivan, University Housing; Douglas B. Swain, Physical Plant Service; Lester E. Tichenor, Broadcasting Service.

30 years: K K Collins, English; Diane Cherry Davis, ASA School of Information Management Systems & Applied Technology; Harris Deller, School of Art and Design; Karen Delane Gibson, Zoology; Jack S. Greer, ASA Automotive Technology; Mary Ellen Lamb, English; Debra M. Mibb, Educational Administration and Higher Education.

35 years: Iona N. Lucas, Alumni Services.

40 years: George H. Waring, Zoology.


25 years: Joyce Ambler, Health Education and Recreation; Frank Roy Jr., Civil and Environmental Engineering; Denise Jo Rutherford, Financial Aid Office.


25 years: Robert E. Eads, Jr., Travel Service; Laura A. Pind, Vice President for Financial and Administrative Affairs.


25 years: Lucille Rafe, Head Start Agency.

De Soto

25 years: Philip D. Kell, Evaluation and Developmental Center.

30 years: David A. NewMyer, ASA Aviation Management and Flight.

Du Quoin

25 years: Lavonda S. Frazer, Information Technology.


25 years: Donald L. Lovel, Recreational Sports and Services.


25 years: Joseph Lambert, Physical Plant Service.


25 years: Susan D. Dallas, Cooperative Wildlife Research Lab; Georgia Jane Johnson, Purchasing.

30 years: Jill P. Richardson, Affirmative Action Office.


25 years: Larry Gene Gibbs, Physical Plant Service.


25 years: Paula K. Davis, Rehabilitation Institute; Robert O. Hageman, Office of Economic and Regional Development; Steven C. Jensen, ASA School of Allied Health; Mary K. Rogers, Evaluation and Developmental Center; Robert Frank Sanders, ASA Aviation Technologies; Brenda Kay Yucas, University Core Curriculum.


30 years: Catherine Lumbattis, Accountancy.


25 years: Patricia Anne Bateman, Traffic and Parking; Pamela L. Graham, Coal Extraction and Utilization Research Center; Larry T. Hughes, Physical Plant Service; Joseph A. Melvin, Information Technology; John D. Naas, Physical Plant Service; Judy Jo Phillips, Student Health Center; Roberta L. Pierson, Center for Academic Success; Carla S. Quigley, Physical Plant Service; Vevon A. Sierman, Recreational Sports and Services; Michael J. Zelten, Broadcasting Service.

30 years: Robert B. Roy, Information Technology; Joseph C. Schmit, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Rhonda Seeber, School of Medicine Carbondale Administration; Kay M. Zivkovich, School of Art and Design.

40 years: Dale O. Ritzel, Health Education and Recreation.


25 years: Peter K. Delaney, Recreational Sports and Services.


25 years: Bradley E. Rogers, AIS Office.