August 31, 2005

University honors 111 retirees

by Brittany DeVantier

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Southern Illinois University Carbondale will honor 111 retirees at a retirement and service recognition reception and dinner tonight (Aug. 31) in the Student Center.

Chancellor Walter V. Wendler and his wife, Mary, will host the evening's festivities, honoring employees who retired by today. Recognizing employee service is among the goals of Southern at 150: Building Excellence Through Commitment, the long-range blueprint for reshaping the University by its 150th birthday in 2019.

Here are the retirees, listed by hometown and years of service:

Alto Pass

John O'Connor, Building Service Sub-Foreman, Physical Plant Service, 24 years.


Gary Baggot, Building Service Worker, University Housing, 10 years.

William Hooks, Building Service Sub-Foreman, Recreation Sports & Services, 28 years.


Karen Wyatt, Administrative Aide, Media & Communication Resources, 26 years.


Robert Arthur, Professor, Animal Science, Food & Nutrition, 27 years.

Hea-Ran Ashraf, Professor, Animal Science, Food & Nutrition, 25 years.

Diana Ashworth, Admissions/Records Officer I, Records & Registration, 34 years.

Vickie Bagley, Account Technician II, College of Applied Sciences & Arts, 34 years.

A. Jean Balsley, Office Systems Assistant II, Student Affairs-SMC, 18 years.

Richard Best, Professor, School of Music, 19 years.

Janet Borowitz, Program Administrative Assistant, AIS Office, 32 years.

Richard Cody, Director, Small Business Development Center, 18 years.

Shelley Cox, Associate Professor, Library Affairs, 31 years.

James Craddock, Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, 24 years.

John Dotson, Chairperson, Linguistics, 35 years.

Jaime Estavillo, Professor, Anatomy-SMC, 30 years.

Nelda Feiste, Business Manager II, Intercollegiate Athletics, 21 years.

Linda Gannon, Professor, Psychology, 30 years.

Glenn Gilbert, Professor, Linguistics, 35 years.

Ronald Grimmer, Professor, Mathematics, 37 years.

Michael Hanes, Professor, School of Music, 37 years.

Delilah Hart, Admissions/Records Officer II, Records & Registration, 32 years.

Ronald Hickman, Director, Budget Office, 24 years.

Doc Horsley, Assistant Professor, Geography & Environmental Resources, 37 years.

Dennis James, Compositor, Printing & Duplicating Service, 30 years.

Robert Jensen, Professor, Psychology, Interim Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, 24 years.

Rachael Joiner-Thomas, Building Service Worker, Student Center, 25 years.

Joyce Joliff, Academic Adviser, School of Art & Design, 32 years.

Michael Judd, Associate Professor, Physical Education, 11 years.

David Kammler, Professor, Mathematics, 34 years.

Mamie Kelly, Mailing Service Manager, Campus Mail Service, 25 years.

David Koch, Associate Dean, Library Affairs, 37 years.

Ronald Mahoney, Housing Administrator IV, University Housing, 30 years.

F. Bary Malik, Professor, Physics, 25 years.

Agnes Medlin, Building Service Worker, Physical Plant Service, 28 years.

Albert Melone, Professor, Political Science, 26 years.

Beth Mochnick, Field Representative, International Students & Scholars, 13 years.

John Mochnick, Professor, School of Music, 21 years.

Fred Moehle, Transportation Manager, Travel Service, 27 years.

Jessie Morgan-Webster, Data Entry Operation II, Accounting Services, 23 years.

Kathy Morgan, Office Systems Specialist II, School of Law Library, 30 years.

Richard Oakey, Academic Adviser, Pre-Major Advisement Center, 25 years.

Earl Parr, Professor, Anatomy-SMC, 24 years.

Margaret Parr, Professor, Anatomy-SMC, 23 years.

Charles Parrott, Hall Director, University Housing, 20 years.

Kay Purcell, Visiting Instructor, Electrical & Computer Engineering, 24 years.

Suri Rajan, Professor, Mechanical Engineering & Energy Processes, 27 years.

Stanford Rubin, Professor, Rehabilitation Institute, 25 years.

Susan Sawers, Instructor, Curriculum and Instruction, 4 years.

Barbara Selph, Building Service Worker, University Housing, 29 years.

Connie Shanahan, Research Project Specialist, Research Development & Administration, 19 years.

Michael Shanahan, Professor, Physiology-SMC, 19 years.

Beverly Stitt, Associate Professor, Women's Studies, 29 years.

Lee Ellen Starkweather, Associate Legal Counsel, General Counsel & Legal Affairs, 14 years.

Janet Sundberg, Instructor, Animal Science, Food & Nutrition, 9 years.

Donna Terpinitz, Staff Clerk, Aviation Management & Flight, 34 years.

April Walsh, Education Coordinator, Foreign Languages & Literatures, 7 years.

Trish Welch, Professor, Animal Science, Food & Nutrition, 30 years.

Carole Wexstten, Superintendent of Print Shop, Printing & Duplicating Service, 26 years.


Terry Engel, Business Manager II, College of Applied Sciences & Arts, 34 years.

Larry Magnotti, Building Service Sub-Foreman, Recreational Sports & Services, 15 years.

Coralue Taylor, Office Systems Specialist I, University Ombudsman, 9 years.


Richard Lamb, Staff Dentist, Student Health Center, 7 years.


Larry Fuller, Building Service Sub-Foreman, Physical Plant Service, 25 years.

Paul Sutliff, Instructional Communications Operator III, Academic Support-SMC, 30 years.


Juanita Nelms, Experimental Field Worker, Fisheries & IL Aquaculture Center, 12 years.

Creal Springs

Walter Sipple Jr., Program Administrative Assistant, Physiology-SMC, 14 years.

De Soto

Betty Austin, Building Service Sub-Foreman, Physical Plant Service, 20 years.

Du Quoin

Janet Mydler, Child Care Assistant, Rainbow's End, 11 years.

Eileen Siefert, Administrative Clerk, Aviation Management & Flight, 14 years.


Sharon Ranmar, Office Systems Specialist II, Center for Academic Success, 20 years.


Marilyn DeTomasi, Assistant Director, Career Services, 29 years.

Frank Mezo, Building Service Sub-Foreman, University Housing, 8 years.


Linda Slusher, Cooks Helper, University Housing, 13 years.


Laura Buckley, Education Coordinator, Division of Continuing Education, 27 years.

Robert Spellman, Associate Professor, School of Journalism, 20 years.


Barbara Crandall-Stotler, Professor, Plant Biology, 34 years.

Carolyn Donow, Associate Director, Research Development & Administration, 21 years.

Bruce Jacobson, Research Technologist Manager, Animal Science, Food & Nutrition, 31 years.

Linda Kerley, Office Systems Specialist II, Records & Registration, 33 years.

Hugh Robbins III, Building Service Worker, Physical Plant Service, 26 years.


Sherry Porter, Dining Room Supervisor, University Housing, 9 years.

Ronald Sims, Inventory Specialist, University Housing, 31 years.


Linda Absher, Chief Clerk, College of Engineering Outreach Programs, 19 years.


Deloise Adams, Building Service Worker, University Housing, 26 years.

Larry Bailey, Professor, Workforce Education & Development, 35 years.

George Baskin, Plumber, Physical Plant Service, 23 years.

Wayman Cavaness, Building Service Sub-Foreman, Physical Plant Service, 23 years.

Karen Clinton, Cooks Helper, University Housing, 10 years.

Roberta Easton, Administrative Assistant I, International Programs & Services, 38 years.

Leo Gher, Associate Professor, Radio & Television, 22 years.

Mabel Hilt, Office Systems Specialist I, Physiology-SMC, 23 years.

James Jackson, Associate Professor, Curriculum & Instruction, 29 years.

Janet Johnson, Academic Adviser, Health Care Professions, 18 years.

Kathy Massey, Campus Transportation Operator, Headstart Agency, 7 years.

Jane McLaughlin, Administrative Aide, College of Education & Human Services, 19 years.

Arthella Nannie, Office Systems Specialist II, Center for Advanced Friction Studies, 27 years.

Fred Reneau, Professor, Workforce Education & Development, 25 years.

Judith Ridings, Office Systems Assistant III, Workforce Education & Development, 17 years.

Theresa Smith, Assistant Instructor, Headstart Agency, 24 years.

Harry Stearns, Building Service Foreman, Physical Plant Service, 25 years.


Jeanette M. Brakhane Endres, Professor, Animal Science, Food & Nutrition, 30 years.


Sondra Rosendohl, Licensed Practical Nurse II, Student Health Center, 18 years.


Glenda Noble, Business/Administrative Associate, Coal Extraction & Utilization Research Center, 27 years.


Barbara Patterson, Office Systems Specialist III, Center for Academic Success, 28 years.


Sharon Terry, Building Service Worker, University Housing, 26 years.

Sahuarita, Ariz.

Mary Ann Acton, Associate Director, Finance Aid Office, three years.

Evansville, Ind.

Lee Cranor, Building Service Sub-Foreman, University Housing, 12 years.

Wildie, Ky.

George Taylor, Automotive Technician, Travel Service, 21 years.

Bossier City, La.

Norman Horwitz, Visiting Assistant Professor, Engineering Outreach Program, 25 years.

Cape Girardeau, Mo.

William Thorpe, Physician, Student Health Center, 16 years.