May 16, 2005

SIUC honors distinguished seniors

by Greg Scott

(Editor's note: Additional biographical information and high-quality, downloadable color photographs of each student are available at

CARBONDALE, Ill. – The Southern Illinois University Alumni Association and Student Alumni Council on the Carbondale campus presented Distinguished Senior Awards to 25 outstanding SIUC students at an annual spring "Super Student Honors Dinner" on April 9.

The Distinguished Senior Award is presented annually to 25 standout SIUC students who enrich the University through their involvement in campus activities. In order to qualify for the honor, students must have a minimum grade-point average of 3.0 and be graduating seniors who have contributed to the University and Carbondale community.

SIUC Chancellor and Mrs. Walter V. Wendler, the SIU Alumni Association, and Student Alumni Council host the awards banquet.

Student recipients received recognition plaques, Saluki "puppy" statues, SIUC license plate frames, SIU alumni T-Shirt, and a first-year membership in the SIU Alumni Association.

The recipients; their majors; and parents, by hometown are as follows:


  • Algonquin: Kelly Harrison; Psychology; Steven and Kathy Harrison.
  • Anna: Jaime E. Eaves; Elementary Education; daughter of Dave and Kathy Eaves and sister of Janna Eaves of Carbondale.
  • Anna and Ullin: Laura Kay Taylor; Journalism; Cathleen Belcher of Anna and Larry Taylor of Ullin.
  • Ashland: Steve Dame; Electrical Engineering; Carlyle and Wanda Dame.
  • Benton and Herrin: Kristina Noel Herrndobler; News Editorial; Carol and David Sluzevich of Benton and Steve Herrndobler of Herrin.
  • Carbondale: Karan Hustedt; Sociology.
  • Carterville: Sabrina Gooden; Elementary Education; wife of John Gooden and mother of Nick and Chelsea Gooden.
  • Danforth: Jonathan P. Schmidt; Microbiology/Pre-Med; Harry and Elsa Schmidt.
  • Downers Grove: Benjamin A. Baptist; Biological Sciences/Pre-Medicine; David and Judith Baptist.
  • Edwards: Heather E. Barrow; Theater; Richard and Carol Barrow.
  • Eldorado: Gabriel Martin; Physician Assistant; Dan and Kitty Martin.
  • Elgin: Andrew B. Hudgens; Finance; Pat and Debbie Hudgens.
  • Effingham: Christine Lynn Goldstein; Forest Resource Management/Watershed Management; Mark and Shari Goldstein.
  • Elmhurst: Teresa Gisburne; Zoology; John and Mary Ann Gisburne.
  • HazelCrest: Nina Hickland; Electrical Engineering; Venise Haynes.
  • Hoffman Estates: Glenn Francis Katayama; Mortuary Science and Funeral Service; Allen and Rosalinda Katayama.
  • Johnston City: Megan B. Gabby; Marketing; John and Deborah Gabby.
  • Murphysboro: Amanda Kay Kiser; Civil Engineering; Ron and Clara Kiser.
  • Murphysboro: Gabriel Charles Smith; Industrial Technology; son of Bill and Monica Smith; husband of Kelly J. Smith.
  • Palatine: Leigh Erin Engel; Cinema and Photography; James and Rebecca Engel.

Out of State

  • Jasper, Ala: Erik Alan Perks; Computer and Electrical Engineering; Alan and Roxane Perks.
  • Naples, Fla: Stephanie DeRuntz; Mechanical Engineering; Michael and Mary DeRuntz.
  • Wichita, Kan: Kari Stark; Marketing; Douglas and Kathi Stark.
  • Fenton, Mo: Katherine (Katie) Jordan; Mathematics Education; Jerry and Bridget Jordan.
  • St. Louis, Mo: Natalie Erin Pereles; Elementary Education; Brenda and Joe Pereles.