April 14, 2005

SIU Board ratifies promotion and tenure awards at SIUC

by K.C. Jaehnig

EDWARDSVILLE, Ill. -- Academic promotions have been awarded to 46 Southern Illinois University Carbondale faculty members.

Tenure awards, ratified today (April 14) by the SIU Board of Trustees and effective Aug. 16, were granted to all 33 assistant professors receiving promotions. Two associate professors also received tenure awards.

Here’s a list of those who have moved up (grouped by rank, with academic units and places of residence, where available, noted).

• From associate professor to professor:

Jane H. Adams, anthropology (Carbondale); William J. Banz, animal science, food and nutrition (Carterville); Tsuchin Philip Chu, mechanical engineering and energy processes (Carbondale); Terry A. Clark, marketing (Carbondale); W. Bradley Colwell, educational administration and higher education (Carterville); Jon D. Davey, architecture and interior design (Carbondale);

Sanjeev Kumar, civil and environmental engineering (Carbondale); Ronald A. Naversen, theater (Makanda); Nicholas M. Pinter, geology (Carterville); Thomas D. Porter, mathematics; Elisabeth Reichert, social work (Murphysboro); Mohammad R. Sayeh, electrical and computer engineering (Carbondale); and Andrew J. Wood, plant biology (Carbondale).

• From assistant professor to associate professor:

Mark A. Amos, English (Carbondale); Frank E. Anderson, zoology; David J. Anthony, English (Carbondale); Kimberly K. Asner-Self, educational psychology and special education; Dubravka Ban, mathematics; Jennifer L. Dunn, sociology; David K. Duys, educational psychology and special education (Carbondale); Susan Felleman, cinema and photography (Carbondale);

James E. Garvey, zoology (Carbondale); Scott D. Gilbert, economics (O’Fallon); Jonathan M. Gray, speech communication, (Carbondale); Karen M. Having, health care professions (Murphysboro); Eric A. Jacobs, psychology (Carbondale); David M. Johnson, foreign languages and literatures (Carbondale); Karen L. Jones, animal science, food and nutrition (Carbondale);

Jyotsna Kapur, cinema and photography (Murphysboro); Veronique C. Maisier, foreign languages and literatures; Marla H. Mallette, curriculum and instruction (Carbondale); Khalid Meksem, plant, soil and agricultural systems; Manoj Mohanty, mining and mineral resources engineering (Carbondale); Abdel-Razzaq Mugdadi, mathematics;

Emmanuel C. Nsofor, mechanical engineering and energy processes (Carbondale); John D. Reeve, zoology (Carbondale); Ruth A. Rehfeldt, Rehabilitation Institute (Makanda); Charles M. Ruffner, forestry (Murphysboro); Joseph A. Schafer, Center for the Study of Crime, Delinquency and Corrections; Matthew J. Schlesinger, psychology (Carbondale); Henri U. Schurz, mathematics;

Robert H. Swenson, architecture and interior design (Carbondale); Thomas D. Upton, Rehabilitation Institute (Carbondale); C. Keith Waugh, workforce education and development (Herrin); William M. Wells, Center for the Study of Crime, Delinquency and Corrections (Carbondale); and Karl W. J. Williard, forestry (Carbondale).

In addition, Susan E. Tullis, library affairs, and Paul D. Welch, anthropology, received tenure. Both live in Carbondale.