October 14, 2004

SIUC sets tuition rate for entering class of 2005

by Sue Davis

CARBONDALE, Ill. - - The Southern Illinois University Board of Trustees today (Thursday, Oct. 14) approved a tuition rate for undergraduate students entering the university in fall 2005 that is guaranteed for 4 years, and may be extended to five years for undergraduate students majoring in a subject that takes five years of coursework.

Action came at the Board's regular meeting in Carbondale.

Undergraduates who enter SIUC next fall have a guaranteed academic year tuition rate of $5,310, up $390 (7.9 percent) from what this year's entering students are guaranteed.

Tuition rates for non-resident undergraduates are 2.5 times the instate rate. Action today affects only tuition rates. SIU approved rates for fees and housing early this spring.

Students who entered the University before the guaranteed tuition rates were established will also see a 7.9 percent increase, and will pay $4,920 for the coming academic year.

Predictability and keeping costs as low as possible have long been important parts of the University's tuition strategy to help students and their families budget for college. SIU has given students and parents reliable cost projections for four-year spans for nearly a decade.

"We have long been a leader in providing outstanding educational opportunity to our students and their families at an affordable price," SIU Carbondale Chancellor Walter V. Wendler said. "This plan is designed to maintain that tradition and help our students plan for their education."