September 24, 2004

Past SIU Alumni Association presidents recognized

by Greg Scott

CARBONDALE, Ill. - - Southern Illinois University Carbondale Chancellor Walter V. Wendler and the SIU Alumni Association recognized 21 past alumni association presidents on campus Friday, Sept. 17, and Saturday, Sept. 18.

Twenty-one of the alumni association's 28 living past presidents attended the activities. Chancellor and Mrs. Walter V. Wendler and the association co-hosted a Friday evening dinner, along with a breakfast, brunch and campus tour on Saturday. The chancellor presented each alumni president with a Southern @ 150 paperweight. The group also was the guest of the chancellor at the SIUC-William Penn University football game on Saturday at McAndrew Stadium.

"We're very pleased to host 21 of our living past presidents on campus. The University and the SIU Alumni Association are appreciative of their many years of service, loyalty and dedication to their alma mater," said Edward M. Buerger, executive director of the SIU Alumni Association. "This weekend's activities were our way of extending our appreciation for everything these outstanding individuals continue to do in support of the mission of this institution."

The honorees each served terms as president of the SIU Alumni Association national board of directors. The 39-member board governs the not-for-profit organization and its activities, programs and services. It represents 200,000 SIU graduates living in more than 125 countries and is the largest and oldest organization serving Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

"It is difficult for a number of these individuals to return to campus on a regular basis due to their geographic locations. But we were confident they would be interested in Past Presidents Weekend based on their affinity to the University," said Robert Odaniell, who served as executive director of the SIU Alumni Association from 1952 to 1984. "This weekend also presented an opportunity for us to update our past presidents on happenings at the association and University. It was a pleasure to reminisce with these people. The responses demonstrated how these people feel about their alma mater."

In addition to current president Mimi Wallace of Beverly Hills, Calif., who has headed the organization since 2003, past presidents, their years of service and hometowns are:



Patricia Hunsaker, 1982-1983 
Richard Hunsaker, 1968-1969


Paul A. Gill, 1971-1972 
Keith Sanders, 1977-1978


Michael Carr, 1997-1998 
Larry C. Jacober, 1973-1974 
Andrew Marcec, 1969-1970 
Albert J. Shafter, 1974-1975


Robert L, Mees, 1991-1992


Roger G. Gray, 1976-1977 
H. Wesley Wilkins, 1995-1997


Patrick Mudd, 1980-1981

Du Quoin

Doris Rottschalk, 1998-1999

Glen Ellyn

Paul Conti, 1986-1988


Richard N. Small, 1988-1989


Jim Gildersleeve, 1989-1990


Robert Pulliam, 1981-1982

Springfield Don Magee, 2001-2003


Itta Bena

W.A. (Bill) Butts, 1985-1986


University City

Richard H. Reynolds, 1999-2001


George E. McLean, 1992-1993