September 09, 2004

SIU Board reviews tuition increases for next year

by Sue Davis

Alton, Ill. - - Current and prospective Southern Illinois University Carbondale students got an early look at what tuition might cost during the SIU Board of Trustees meeting today (Sept. 9) in Alton.

Trustees reviewed proposed tuition schedules for full-time undergraduate and graduate students that would go into effect fall semester 2005. Action is expected next month when the Board meets in Carbondale.

Under the plan, students who begin their studies next fall would lock in a tuition rate of $5,310 for the next four years, an increase of $390 (7.9 percent.) Students who started their studies last month would continue to pay $4,920 in tuition for the next three years, and students who began their studies prior to this fall would pay $4,920 for the 2005-2006 academic year, an increase of $360 (7.9 percent).

"Many of our students pay less than the sticker price for tuition and fees because they qualify for various forms of financial aid," said SIUC Chancellor Walter V. Wendler. "Our tuition increases have lagged behind our state peers for eight of the past 10 years and these proposed rates will allow us to continue to offer top quality programs our students expect and deserve."

SIUC families remain cost conscious and students often work their way through school. This fall, SIUC ranked 15 th in the nation for students with the least amount of debt after graduation ­ an average of $12,366.

The plan would increase graduate tuition 12.5 percent, or $576 each academic year to $5,184. Meanwhile, law students would pay $8,190, an increase of $600 (7.9 percent).

Rates for fees and housing for the academic year that begins fall semester 2006 have already been adopted. SIU's Board has long provided four-year cost projections to help families plan for college costs.