September 09, 2004

SIU Trustees approve 3% salary increase plan

by Sue Davis

ALTON, Ill. - -The Southern Illinois University Board of Trustees today (Sept. 9) approved a plan providing an average annual salary increase of 3 percent for employees not covered by collective bargaining units at SIU Carbondale and SIU Edwardsville.

The plan establishes general parameters for increases that would be effective July 1, 2004 and lets chancellors on each campus implement guidelines and eligibility requirements.

"This recognizes hard-working individuals and we are pleased to offer this increase, " SIUC Chancellor Walter V. Wendler said. "We have also opened discussions with units for all represented employees on the Carbondale campus and will work through the bargaining process to reach an understanding."

Current increases will make their way into non-represented employees' pockets soon. Employees paid semi-monthly should see an increase in checks as of Sept. 16; employees paid bi-weekly or monthly will see increases on Oct. 1.

However, increases for earlier periods in the fiscal year will require manual calculations and review. It is estimated that additional pay for past months will be available to the employees after Nov. 1.

At SIU Carbondale, administrators will figure increases on base salaries that were in effect on June 30. Other guidelines for non-represented groups follow.

  • Faculty members are eligible for the increase if they were employed during 2003-2004 and are still on the active payroll as of today.
  • Administrative-Professional and Civil Service employees are eligible if they were employed prior to April 1 and are still on the active payroll as of today.
  • Employees who received an increase in salary due to a promotion or other consideration after April 1, 2004, are not eligible for a salary increase.

Raises for employees paid with non-state funds will be handled the same as employees with similar appointments paid from state funds, subject to the availability of funds in the account from which the individual is paid and restrictions on grants and contracts against which the individual is employed.

SIUC's School of Medicine adopted similar guidelines effective July 1, 2004, based on salaries that were in effect June 30.

Employees are eligible for the increases if they are on the active payroll as of today (Sept. 9) and have been since April 1, 2004. In addition, they must meet performance standards. Those paid with state and non-state dollars will be treated the same.

School of Medicine employees will see increases in their checks on or after Oct. 1. Workers will then begin calculating increases for past periods and hope to have them distributed the month after.