August 26, 2004

Employees honored for service to University

by Paula M. Davenport

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Southern Illinois University Carbondale honored 114 employees for their service to the University during a retirement and service recognition reception and dinner in the Student Center on Wednesday, Aug. 25.

SIUC Chancellor Walter V. Wendler and his wife, Mary, hosted the evening's festivities, honoring employees with more than 25 years of experience. Recognizing employee service is among the goals of Southern at 150: Building Excellence Through Commitment, the long-range blueprint for reshaping the University by its 150th birthday in 2019.

University employees honored at the reception and dinner are listed below, by hometown and years of service.

Alto Pass

25 years: Linda Patrick, College of Education & Human Services.


25 years: Rachael Barlett, Library Affairs; Lorilee Huffman, University Museum;


25 years: Christine Svec, International Development.


45 years: Billy Dixon, College of Education & Human Services.

Bossier City

25 years: Norman Horwitz, College of Engineering Outreach Programs.


45 years: Lavida Cruse, College of Engineering Outreach Programs.

40 years: John Simon, History & Library Affairs.

35 years: Barbara Levine, Center for Dewey Studies; Paul Henry, Medical Education-School of Medicine; Peter Carroll, Physical Education; Patricia Tindall, Plant Biology; Virginia Rinella, Pre-Major Advisement Center; John Jackson, III, Public Policy Institute; John McPherson, Jr., Zoology.

30 years: Robert Henderson, Broadcasting Service; Robert McGlinn, Computer Science; Ann Karmos, Curriculum & Instruction; Dennis Leitner, Educational Psychology & Special Education; John Burde, III, Forestry; Patricia McNeil, Graduate School; William Ashby, Information Technology; Thelma Okafor, Information Technology; Ronald Cremeens, Internal Auditor; Sandra Mason, Micrographics; David Wade, Physiology-School of Medicine; Richard Lanigan, Jr., Speech Communication; Ronald Mahoney, University Housing; David Wilson, Vice Chancellor for Research & Graduate Dean.

25 years: Mei-Hui Chong, AIS Office; Denny Hays, Architecture & Interior Design; Mamie Kelly, Campus Mail Service; M. Stalls, Center for Basic Skills; Gary Kolb, College of Mass Communication & Media Arts; Sharlet Smith, Constituent Relations & Special Events; Jerry Becker, Curriculum & Instruction; Patricia Eckert, Division of Continuing Education; Richard Grabowski, Economics; Richard Hall, Finance; Martha Craven, Health Care Professions; Linda Benz, Institutional Research & Studies; Nancy Fligor, Library Affairs; Mary Fox, Library Affairs; Marvin Zeman, Mathematics; Jolynn Smith, Microbiology; Blossom Duncan, Physical Plant Service; Rosemary Farr, Physical Plant Service; Michael Mibb, Plant Biology; She-Kong Chong, Plant, Soil, & Agricultural Systems; Albert Melone, Political Science; Richard Oakey, Pre-Major Advisement Center; Carole Wexstten, Printing & Duplicating Service; Douglas Smith, Psychology; Brandon Greene, Rehabilitation Institute; Theodore Riggar, Rehabilitation Institute; Linda Dysart, Student Health Programs; Barbara Lemons, Student Health Programs; Toni Flagg, Undergraduate Admissions; Lisa Skiersch, University Housing; Sharon Leonard, Vice Chancellor Student Affairs & Enrollment Management; the late Alan Woolf, Zoology and Cooperative Wildlife Research Lab.


30 years: Beverly Brown, Educational Psychology & Special Education; Jerry Looft, Information Technology; Randy Glisson, Internal Auditor; Barbara Carney, School of Medicine Carbondale Administration.

25 years: Cynthia Filla, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology-School of Medicine; Janice Mayo, Health Care Professions; John Winings, Health Care Professions; Deborah Ward, Human Resources/Payroll; Edward Thompson, Intercollegiate Athletics; Tom Counce, Intramural Recreational Sports; Vera Felts, MEDPREP/Medical Education Preparatory-School of Medicine; Lois Gibbons, Student Health Programs.


30 years: Paul Sutliff, Academic Support-School of Medicine; Jack Nawrot, Cooperative Wildlife Research Lab.


25 years: Rose Mack, University Housing.

De Soto

25 years: Jacqueline Scolari, Curriculum Affairs-School of Medicine.

Du Quoin

30 years: Fred Hickem, Library Affairs.


25 years: Sharon Terry, University Housing.


25 years: Susan Ford, Anthropology.


30 years: Bernice Prather, Undergraduate Admissions.

25 years: Roger Missavage, College of Engineering; Cynthia Miller, Constituent Relations & Special Events; John Batson, Undergraduate Admissions.

Imperial Beach

25 years: Sidney Klessinger, Workforce Education & Development.


25 years: Ava Wills, Off-Campus Academic Programs.


35 years: Iva Hill, Information Technology.

25 years: Leslie Grubbe, Physical Plant Service; Dale Lipe, University Housing.


35 years: Richard Peterson, College of Liberal Arts; Raymond Stotler, Plant Biology.

30 years: Bruce Jacobson, Animal Science, Food & Nutrition.

25 years: Vernon Cornell, Library Affairs; Hugh Robbins, Physical Plant Service; Linda Hunter, Student Health Programs; Pamela Crawshaw, University Housing.


30 years: Ronald Sims, University Housing.

25 years: William Milton, Aviation Technologies; Roger Hines, Physical Plant Service.


35 years: Douglas Bedient, College of Education Student Services; Mary Falaster, Rehabilitation Institute; Teresa White, University Press; Larry Bailey, Workforce Education & Development.

30 years: Janice Bilyeu, AIS Office; Norman Lach, Architecture & Interior Design; Catherine Mabus, Foreign Languages & Literatures.

25 years: Mariann Baratta, Crime, Delinquency & Corrections Center; Donna Kunce, Department of Public Safety; Michael Madigan, Microbiology; Michael Marten, Physical Plant Service; Harry Stearns, Physical Plant Service; Marion Cathey, Plant Biology; John Tweedy, Printing & Duplicating Service; Kenneth Carr, Student Health Programs; Deloise Adams, University Housing; Betty Miner, University Housing; Carla Williams, University Housing; Fred Reneau, Workforce Education & Development.


25 years: Henry Romersa, Radio & Television, School of Music; Donald Beattie, School of Music