August 26, 2004

University honors 109 retirees

by Paula M. Davenport

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Southern Illinois University Carbondale honored 109 retirees at a retirement and service recognition reception and dinner held in the Student Center on Wednesday, Aug. 25.

SIUC Chancellor Walter V. Wendler and his wife, Mary, hosted the evening's festivities, honoring employees who will retire by Aug. 31. Recognizing employee service is among the goals of Southern at 150: Building Excellence Through Commitment, the long-range blueprint for reshaping the University by its 150th birthday in 2019.

Here are the retirees, listed by hometown and years of service:


Terrance Svec, Associate Director, Media & Communication Resources, 31 years.


Burr Ridge

Elizabeth Sexson, Program Administrative Assistant, SIU Foundation/Chicago Region, nine years.



Paul Angelis, Associate Professor, Linguistics, 23 years.
Beth Arthur, Clinical Instructor, Clinical Center, 16 years.
Judith Auld, Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics, 29 years.
Rachael Barlett, Library Technical Assistant III, Library Affairs, 24 years. 
Sandra Bartelsmeyer, Composing Room Foreman, Printing & Duplicating Service, 13 years.
Joyce Basler, Field Representative, Small Business Development Center, 24 years.
Wanda Beckman, Administrative Assistant I, College of Mass Communication & Media Arts, nine years. 
Dale Bengtson, Assistant Professor, History, 30 years. 
David Brown, Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering, 21 years. 
Varadaraj Chandrashekar, Research Professor, Physiology-School of Medicine, 23 years. 
Mae Cotten, Office Systems Specialist I, Political Science, 17 years.
Lynne Davis, Lecturer, Center for English as a Second Language, 17 years. 
Wilfred Delphin, , School of Music-SIUC, 16 years.
William Dyer, Professor and Associate Dean, College of Science, Zoology, 34 years. 
Judith Eaton, Career Services Specialist, Career Services, 15 years. 
William Eaton, Professor, Educational Administration & Higher Education, 32 years.
Raymond Einig, Assistant Professor, Information Management Systems, 20 years. 
Kenneth Forby, Lead Plant Stationary Engineer, Physical Plant Service, 29 years. 
Mary Fox, Visiting Assistant Professor, Library Affairs, 25 years. 
Frances Gilman, Admissions/Records Officer III, School of Law, 24 years. 
Denny Hays, Associate Professor, Architecture & Interior Design, 25 years. 
Virginia Hoffman, Senior Counseling Psychologist, Counseling Center, 30 years.
David Johnson, Professor, School of Law, 29 years. 
Thomas Keller, Associate Professor, Foreign Languages & Literatures, 29 years. 
Dennis Leitner, Associate Professor, Educational Psychology & Special Education, 29 years. 
Jefferson Lindsey III, Professor, Technology, 24 years. 
Jerry Looft, Administrative Assistant II, Information Technology, 29 years. 
Catherine Martin, Accountant I, Financial Aid Office, 29 years. 
Michael Morris, Assistant Professor, Automotive Technology, 24 years. 
Marianne Osberg, Financial Analyst/Planner II, AIS Office, 29 years.
Jean Paratore, Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students, Vice Chancellor Student Affairs & Enrollment Management, 29 years. 
Rollin Perkins, III, Medical Chief of Staff and Chief of Sports Medicine, Student Health Programs, 21 years. 
Nicholas Phillips, Associate Professor, Computer Science, 16 years. 
Annie Pullen, Office Systems Specialist II , Plant Biology, 29 years. 
Judith Rossiter, Academic Adviser, School of Journalism, 20 years. 
Heija Ryoo, Professor, School of Law Library, 32 years. 
Claudette Simon, Administrative Aide, Micrographics, 27 years. 
Delia Sims, First Cook, University Housing, 22 years. 
James Sullivan, Professor, Workforce Education and Development, 35 years.
Jewell Thompson, Building Service Foreman, Physical Plant Service, 25 years. 
Edward Varsa, Professor, Plant, Soil & Agricultural Systems, 34 years. 
Harold Woody, Associate Professor, Animal Science, Food & Nutrition, 26 years. 
James Wright, Assistant Professor, Architecture & Interior Design, five years. 
Joel Feldman, Professor, School of Art & Design, 31 years. 
Drucilla Fyke, Staff Clerk, General Accounting, 29 years. 
Sharon Holmes, Exec Secretary Board of Trustees, Board of Trustees, 31 years. 
Samuel Jordan, Director, Department of Public Safety, 11 years. 
Ronald Mason, Associate Professor, Political Science, 28 years. 
Richard Mawdsley, Professor, School of Art & Design, 26 years. 
Ivan Meador, Building Service Sub-Foreman, Physical Plant Service, 20 years. 
Margaret Skerly, Program Administrative Assistant, Geography, 10 years. 
Maribeth Weaver, Accountant II, Coal Extraction & Utilization Research Center, 24 years. 
Robert York, Executive Director, Human Relations & Support, seven years.



Richard McClure, Refrigeration Mechanic, Physical Plant Service, 19 years. 


Donald Garner, Professor, School of Law, 29 years. 
Susan Holland, Assistant Professor, Health Care Professions, 16 years. 
Joyce Sheets, Associate Professor, Information Management Systems, 19 years. 
Barbara Yanico, Associate Professor, Psychology, 26 years.


Creal Springs

Galen Thomas, Instructor, School of Social Work, 19 years. 
Dennis Waldron, First Cook, University Housing, 27 years.


Du Quoin

Dorothy Wooldridge, Office Systems Specialist II, Educational Psychology & Special Education, 13 years. 
David Worthington, Building Service Worker, Physical Plant Service, 19 years.



Mary Ann Martin, Administrative Aide, Human Resources, 19 years.



Jackie Barnett, Electrician, Physical Plant Service, 17 years. 
Rita Kirby, Admissions/Records Officer II , Enrollment Management, seven years.



Rita Polston, Lecturer, Mathematics, 18 years.



Marc Riedel, Professor, Crime, Delinquency and Corrections Center, 26 years.



Bobby Bevis, Building Service Worker, University Housing, 21 years. 
Donald Huddleston, Maintenance Laborer, Physical Plant Service, 21 years. 
Michael Schwartz, Associate Director, Information Technology, 27 years. 
Carl Vansaghi, Building Custodian, Physical Plant Service, 17 years. 


Leslie Grubbe, Building Service Sub-Foreman, Physical Plant Service, 25 years. Kuttawa
Anthony Young, Professor, Animal Science, Food & Nutrition, 23 years.



Gerald Davis, Building Service Foreman, Physical Plant Service, 23 years.
Cathie Hutcheson, Staff Clerk, Center for English as a Second Language, 29 years.



Don Gowins, Inventory Specialist, General Accounting, 16 years. 
Marilyn McKenzie, Administrative Assistant II, Vice Chancellor Student Affairs & Enrollment Management, 33 years. 
William Milton, Assistant Professor, Aviation Technologies, 25 years. 
Bobby Rains, Telecommunications Network Specialist II, Information Technology, 12 years. 
Carole Sprague, Public Functions Supervisor, Constituent Relations & Special Events, 13 years.


Mt. Vernon

Ron Copenhaver, Associate Professor, Curriculum & Instruction, 26 years.



Dale Flener, Office Systems Specialist II, Automotive Technology, 35 years.



Daniel Chavez, Associate Professor, Anatomy-School of Medicine, 22 years. 
Richard Coulson, Assessment Director/Professor, Office of the Associate Provost/School of Medicine-Physiology, 25 years. 
Marilynn Daniel, Staff Nurse II, Student Health Programs, 18 years. 
Phyllis Driskell, Academic Contract Specialist, Human Resources, 20 years. 
Gerald Fink, Researcher II, Mechanical Engineering & Energy Processes, 13 years. 
Mary Fossie, Medical Social Assistant, Headstart Agency, 10 years. 
Donna Kunce, Police Sergeant, Department of Public Safety, 25 years. 
Robert Lorinskas, Associate Professor, Crime, Delinquency & Corrections Center, 24 years. 
Betty McLeod, Program Administrative Assistant, Small Business Development Center, 17 years. 
Linda Morgan, Office Systems Assistant II, Aviation Technologies, 25 years. 
David Reiman, Building Service Sub-Foreman, Physical Plant Service, 22 years. 
Shari Rhode, Chief Trial Counsel, General Counsel & Legal Affairs, 27 years. 
Sharon Rose, Office Systems Specialist III, Finance, 20 years. 
Walter Sundberg, Professor, Plant Biology, 32 years. 
Kenneth Waldron, Carpenter, Physical Plant Service, 18 years. 
William Weatherly, Building Service Foreman, Physical Plant Service, 20 years. 
Donald Wiggs, Building Service Worker, University Housing, 22 years. 
Michael Youther, Instructor, Physiology-School of Medicine, 28 years.


New Burnside

Billy Fairless, Lecturer, Chemistry & Biochemistry, four years.


Olive Branch

Jerry Held, Building Service Worker, Physical Plant Service, 16 years.



Brenda Gentry, Academic Contract Specialist, School of Medicine Carbondale Administration CORE, 34 years. 
Betty Nix, Administrative Aide, Intercollegiate Athletics, 25 years. 
Dianne Throgmorton, Administrative Assistant I , Coal Extraction & Utilization Research Center, 21 years.


St. Louis

George Gilley, Clinical Instructor, College of Education & Human Services, nine years.



David Oehmke, Assistant Vice President for Financial & Administrative Affairs & Assistant Treasurer, Office of the President, 19 years.