June 10, 2004

SIU Trustees approve fee requests for fall 2005

by Sue Davis

EDWARDSVILLE, Ill. -- Southern Illinois University Trustees approved student fee increases taking effect for fall semester 2005 at Southern Illinois University Carbondale during their regular meeting today (June 10).

SIUC has long had a policy of setting fees and tuition rates early to allow students and families to plan for college costs.

Seven of the University's 11 fees will increase a total of less than $100 in fiscal year 2006. Students will pay a combined total of $62.50 more per academic year beginning fall semester 2005 for health services, recreational facilities, the Saluki Express bus service and intercollegiate athletics. SIUC's costs will still be lower than those of other similar universities in Illinois with the changes. Fees for a typical undergraduate will be $1,483, including medical coverage.

The increases are:


  • $20 more for the athletics fee;
  • $12 more for the Student Medical Benefit Primary Care fee;
  • $12 more for the Student Center fee;
  • $12 more for the Student Recreation Center fee;
  • $3 more for the Campus Recreation fee;
  • $1.50 more for the Student Activity fee and
  • $2 more for the Mass Transit fee.

In addition, the board approved raising a course-specific fee for Geology 454 at SIUC from $100 to $250 effective next summer. The course is a six-week summer field course that takes students to Montana and Wyoming. The extra $100 will help cover increased travel costs associated with leasing, fueling and maintaining the vans used to transport students as they learn about geological formations first hand.