April 29, 2004

Students gain practical experience through externships

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- While spring break means sun and sand for most college students, nearly 200 students from Southern Illinois University Carbondale spent the 2004 spring break week gaining real-world experience by working as externs for companies throughout Illinois and the United States.

Established in 1984 by the SIU Alumni Association, the Extern Program matches juniors and seniors with alumni and friends in professional work environments throughout the country to learn about their chosen career fields. Throughout spring break, externs are given the opportunity to apply skills learned in the classroom to a professional setting.

Students also gain valuable career contacts. More than 30 percent of externs receive future internship or employment opportunities with sponsoring companies or organizations.

In past years, the Extern Program has placed students in a variety of businesses and institutions, including Anheuser-Busch, Boeing, Caterpillar, The Chicago Tribune, Continental Airlines, Ford Motor Co., General Motors and Yosemite National Park.

For more information about the Extern Program, contact Tuesday L. Ashner, director of campus alumni programs, at 618/453-2417.

Here's the list of participating students, their academic majors, parents' names and the names and locations of the companies where they worked, listed by students' hometowns:




  • Lesley Burkett; Communication Design; Bob and Rosemary Burkett; Silkworm Inc.; Murphysboro, Ill.


  • Kelly Harrison; Psychology/Spanish minor; Steven and Kathy Harrison; Lake Forest Hospital; Lake Forest, Ill.


  • Nathaniel Klitzing; Finance; LuAnn Drone; Bernardi Securities; Chicago.


  • Jaime Eaves; Elementary Education; Dave and Kathy Eaves; Belleville Public District # 118; Belleville, Ill.
  • Bredina Haden; Marketing; Terry Haden and Elizabeth Teifer; Sears, Roebuck & Co.; Hoffman Estates, Ill.


  • Ejayce Fox; Hospitality and Resort Management; Brigett Richardson; Intercontinental Hotels Group; Atlanta, Ga.


  • Rebecca Kizior; Aviation Management and Flight; Tonna and James Kizior; Denver International Airport; Denver, Colo.


  • Ginette Wessel; Architectural Studies; Warren and Charlotte Wessel; Image Architects Inc.; Carbondale, Ill.


  • Raisha Diggs; Information Systems Technology; Renee Reed; Coca-Cola; Atlanta, Ga.


  • Mark Martella; Business & Administration; Alex and Sharon Martella; Boeing; St. Louis.


  • Rhonda Vaughn; Management; Jerry and Robyn Vaughn; Silkworm Inc.; Murphysboro, Ill.

Big Rock

  • Hillary Donaldson; English; Doug and Connie Donaldson; Chicago Tribune; Chicago.


  • Melissa Roberts; Marketing/Music Business; Russel and Patricia Roberts; Rendy Love Lady Management; Nashville, Tenn.


  • Eric Mercado; Aviation Management and Flight; Josephine Mercado; Landrum & Brown; Chicago.
  • Brandon Thomas; Journalism/News Editorial; Delisha Thomas; Daily Herald; Arlington Heights, Ill.


  • Christopher Adamow; Aviation Management; Carl and Terri Adamow; ATA Airlines; Chicago.


  • Glen Gdalman; Accounting; Alan and Constance Gdalman; Sears, Roebuck & Co.; Hoffman Estates, Ill.
  • Destiny Remezas; Journalism/News Editorial; James and Regina Remezas; Daily Southtown Newspaper; Tinley Park, Ill.

Campbell Hill

  • Shellie Richelman; Finance; William and Sherlin Richelman; MB Financial Bank; Chicago.


  • Michael McCarthy; Management; Charles and Debra McCarthy; Enterprise Rent-A-Car; Glen Ellyn, Ill.


  • Melissa Howard; Dietetics; William and Karel Howard; Illinois Department of Human Services; Springfield, Ill.


  • Karen Davis; Marketing; Larry and Susan Davis; Ketchum; Chicago.

Carol Stream

  • Bethany Larsen; Marketing; Robert and Pamela Larsen; WSIL-TV3 ABC; Carterville, Ill.


  • Brett Elston; Journalism; Lynn and Juanita Elston; Future Network USA; Brisbane, Calif.


  • Gwyn Bevel; Radio-TV News; Benny and Aleta Ceglinski; WCIA/WCFN; Champaign, Ill.


  • Rahul Yadav; Information Systems Technologies; Bob and Rita Yadav; Sentinel Technologies; Downers Grove, Ill.


  • William Hays; Paralegal Studies; Carol Hays; Gilbert, Kimmel, Huffman, Prosser & Hewson Ltd.; Carbondale, Ill.


  • Kyle Frazier; Agriculture, General; Tom and Lois Frazier; Top Flight Grain; Bement, Ill.
  • Jamie Hart; Forestry: Outdoor Recreation Resource Management; Karen Hart; Vermilion County Conservation District; Danville, Ill.
  • Megan McCallister; Dietetics/Pre-Med; Alan and Pat McCallister; University of Illinois; Urbana, Ill.
  • Robert Monroe; Electrical Engineering/Math; Ron and Sharon Monroe; AmerenCIPS; Marion, Ill.


  • Ashleigh Herman; Dietetics; Glenda Hohimer; St. John's Hospital; Springfield, Ill.


  • Jack Hammond; Music Education; Mailyn Hammond; Museum of Science and Industry; Chicago.


  • Eric Rahlfs; Finance; Paul and Ruth Rahlfs; MB Financial Bank; Chicago.


  • Oladotun Aremu; Management Information System; G. A. Dada; Sentinel Technologies; Downers Grove, Ill.
  • Letiscia Argumendo; Finance; Sentinel Technologies; Downers Grove, Ill.
  • Ciara Perry; Athletic Training; Cynthia Cameron; Athletico Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy Center; Oakbrook, Ill.
  • Chesaree Rollins; Finance; Barbara Rollins; Boeing; St. Louis.
  • Erin Yaseen; Dietetics; Larry Yaseen and Kathleen O'Rourke; Advocate Illinois Masonic; Chicago.

Chicago Heights

  • Daniel Bingham; Psychology; Ricky J. Bingham; Draft Worldwide; Chicago.
  • Malissa Bruno; Zoology; Mark and Mary Jo Bruno; John G. Shedd Aquarium; Chicago.


  • Katrina Willis; Computer Science; Terry and Wilma Willis; Boeing; St. Louis.


  • Daniel DiGvonni; Agricultural Production; Michael and Debra DiGvonni; Stephenson Service Company; Freeport, Ill.


  • Anne Kuzmanich; Fashion Merchandising; Mike and Diane Kuzmanich; J. Jill Clothing Store Plaza Frontenac; St. Louis.
  • Kurt Paradis; Radio-Television; Glenn and Gail Paradis; Summit Marketing; Itasca, Ill.


  • Ryan Tozer; Integrated Marketing Communications/Advertising; Michael and Connie Tozer; St. Louis Magazine; St. Louis.


  • David Lee; Architectural Studies; Brenda Lee; Phillips, Swager, and Associates; Peoria, Ill.


  • Monica Schwartzkopf; Marketing; James and Donna Schwaetzkopf; Boeing; St. Louis.

Downers Grove

  • Benjamin Baptist; Biological Sciences/Pre-Medicine; Dr. David and Judith Baptist; Kasper, Heaton, Wright, Pagni and Associates; Oak Lawn, Ill.
  • Joseph Baptist; Biological Sciences/Pre-Denistry; Dr. David and Judith Baptist; Kasper, Heaton, Wright, Pagni and Associates; Oak Lawn, Ill.
  • Shannon Holubetz; Administration of Justice; Ronald and Juliana Holubetz; Wheaton City of Police Department; Wheaton, Ill.

Du Quoin

  • Andrew Teel; Finance and Business Economics; Brenda K. Teel; A. G. Edwards; Carbondale, Ill.
  • Ann Conley; Accounting; Bruce Conley and Sharon Eisenhauer; Boeing; St. Louis.


  • Molly Terry; Dietetics; Joe and Betsy Meyer; Memorial Hospital; Belleville, Ill.


  • Christine Goldstein; Forestry; Mark and Shari Goldstein; Vermilion County Conservation District; Danville, Ill.


  • Ryan Humphreys; Electronic Systems Technician; Paul and Kendra Humphreys; Nextel Communications; St. Louis.


  • Corey Tadlock; Accounting; Larry and Denise Tadlock; Deloitte & Touche; St. Louis.


  • Patricia Sanborn; Elementary Education; Vernon and Diane Sanborn; WTTW - Channel 11; Chicago.

Glen Ellyn

  • Jennifer Wieczorek; Advertising; Dave and Nancy Wieczorek; Stevens & Tate Marketing; Lombard, Ill.


  • John Cordes; Automotive Technology; Dave and Liz Cordes; Mitsubishi Motor Sales of America; Schaumburg, Ill.


  • H. Alyse Norwood; Finance; Lillian Cantrell; Intercontinental Hotels Group; Atlanta, Ga.


  • Christopher Pellittieri; Economics and Psychology; Michael Pellittieri; MB Financial Bank; Chicago.


  • Mary Koelling; Hospitality and Tourism; Gale and Patrice Koelling; Washington/Perry County Farm Bureau; Nashville, Ill.


  • Samantha DeMaria; Advertisement; Vincent DeMaria; Ch'rewd Marketing and Promotion Inc.; Chicago.


  • Gregory Meuth; Forestry; William D. Meuth; USDA - Forest Service Shawnee National Forest; Jonesboro, Ill.


  • Carrie Roderick; Journalism; Robert Roderick; Southern Illinoisan; Carbondale, Ill.


  • John Allison; Forestry; Susan Allison; USDA -- Forest Service Shawnee National Forest; Jonesboro, Ill.
  • Denise Heidbreder; Rehabilitation/Psychology; Mrs. Doc Mayfield; Franklin-Williamson Human Services Inc.; West Frankfort, Ill.


  • Tim Egan; Plant and Soil Science; Linda Musgrave; McAdam Landscape Professionals; Forest Park, Ill.


  • Nicole Martinez; Psychology; Cynthia Wooton; Catholic Social Services; Carbondale, Ill.


  • Peter D'Souza; Automotive Technology; Joaquim and Louisa D'Souza; General Motors; Hinsdale, Ill.


  • Marc Mangiantini; Architecture; Larry and Sharon Mangiantini; Chicago Housing Authority; Chicago.

Machesney Park

  • Sorrel Kunath; Forestry; Don and Elizabeth Kunath; USDA - Forest Service Shawnee National Forest; Jonesboro, Ill.


  • Bret Johnson; Forestry; John and Cheryl Johnson; Vermilion County Conservation District; Danville, Ill.
  • Benjamin Steffen; Finance; Walt and Veronica Steffen; Zieba Appraisal Company; Murphysboro, Ill.


  • Timothy Ditch; Industrial Design; Richard and Debrah Ditch; Premier Design; St. Charles, Mo.

Mason City

  • Justin Dodson; Forestry; John and Cindy Dodson; Illinois Department of Natural Resources; Golconda, Ill.


  • Jonathan Field; Music Business; Tim and Bobbi Oxford; SmithLee Productions; St. Louis.


  • Elizabeth Cox; Advertising/Intergrated Marketing Communications; Terron and Patricia Cox; Sears, Roebuck & Co.; Hoffman Estates, Ill.


  • Josh Rhoades; Electronics Systems Technology; Gloria Steve; Carle Hospital; Urbana, Ill.


  • Elzie Flenard; Electronic Systems Technologies; Mr. and Mrs. Lowe; Boeing; St. Louis.

Mount Vernon

  • Chelsea Albritton; Communication Design; Gregg and Ronna Albritton; Leinicke Design Group; Manchester, Mo.


  • Rachel Smith; Accounting; Tim and Mary Smith; Kemper CPA Group, LLP; Mt. Vernon, Ill.


  • Christopher La Garce; Cinema; Melinda La Garce; SolidLine Media; Chicago.
  • Christian Rath; Automotive Technology; Galen and Patricia Rath; American Honda Motor Company; Troy, Ohio.

North Riverside

  • Kris Klesk; Automotive Technology; Marion and Martha Klesk; Mitsubishi Motor Sales of America; Schaumburg, Ill.


  • Karah Murdock; Animal Science/Pre-Vet; Robert and Gretchen Murdock; Central Animal Hospital; Herrin, Ill.
  • Patrick Skonie; Aviation Flight and Management; Thomas and Wendy Skonie; Midway Airport - City of Chicago; Chicago.


  • Erin Borowiak; Management; Brad and Lisa Rammelman; Enterprise Rent-A-Car; St. Louis.
  • Melissa Liszewsk; Interior Design; Clarence and Veronica Liszewsk; Arcturis; St. Louis.


  • Laura Smithenry; Plant and Soil Science; Paul and Shirley Smithenry; Effingham Equity; Effingham, Ill.


  • Sean Springer; Finance; Judy Springer; MB Financial Bank; Chicago.

Oak Lawn

  • Breane Lorenz; Therapeutic Recreation; Harry and Pamela Lorenz; Diveheart Foundation; Downers Grove, Ill.

Oak Park

  • James Prendergast; Automotive Technology; Richard and Barbara Prendergast; General Motors; Flint, Mich.


  • Melissa Fancher; Dietetics; Roger and Brenda Fancher; Deaconess Hospital; Evansville, Ind.
  • Cheney Ferguson; Architectural Studies; Bob and Joni Ferguson; New Architectura Inc.; Naples, Fla.


  • Gregory Armstrong; Radio-Television; Richard and Donna Armstrong; Sporting News; Northbrook, Ill.


  • Leigh Engel; Photography and Art Education; James and Rebecca Engel; Art Institute of Chicago; Chicago.


  • Michael Brinkerhoff; Civil Engineering; Steve and Pam Brinkerhoff; Indiana Department of Transportation; Crawfordsville, Ind.


  • Christine Ross; Dietetics; Ron and Tammy Ross; Alexian Brother Medical Center; Elk Grove Village, Ill.


  • Kendra Chaney; MIS; Albert and Mary Chaney; Boeing; St. Louis.
  • Scott MacPhee; Aviation Management; Brian and Anita MacPhee; Denver International Airport; Denver, Colo.


  • Nina Cassetto; Accounting; Richard and Susanne Cassetto; Enterprise Rent-A-Car; Glen Ellyn, Ill.


  • Erica Dumas; Management; Herman and Carolyn Dumas; Family Video; St. Louis.
  • Victoria Flenard; Computer Engineering; Mr. and Mrs. Norris Young; Boeing; St. Louis.


  • Robert Rhea; Mechanical Engineering; Robert and Joan Rhea; Phillips, Swager, and Associates; Peoria, Ill.


  • Timothy Parli; BFA of Industrial Design; William C. Parli; ORB Analysis For Design; Portland, Ore.
  • Tyson Rhea; Advertising; Fred and Linda Rhea; Ch'rewd Marketing and Promotion Inc.; Chicago.

Rock Island

  • Evonnda Fulton; Workforce Education Development - AST; Larry and Gail Fulton; Intercontinental Hotels Group; Atlanta.


  • David Buser; Aviation management/Flight; Janis Buser; Greater Rockford Airport Authority; Rockford, Ill.
  • Daniel Hughes; Electrical Engineering Technology; Michael Hughes; Honeywell International; Freeport, Ill.
  • Erin Smith; Communication Disorders and Sciences; Stephen and Carol Smith; Rockford Memorial Hospital; Rockford, Ill.

Rolling Meadows

  • Timothy Nixon; Plant and Soil Science/Turfgrass specialty; Bob and Sue Nixon; ILT Vignodchi Inc; Woodstock, Ill.


  • Gena Terlizzi; Radio-TV; Eric Terlizzi and Janet Harmon; WCIA/WCFN; Champaign, Ill.


  • Nicole Loyd; Management; Roger and Brenda Loyd; Southern Illinoisan; Carbondale, Ill.


  • Tonya Ulmer; Finance; Mike and Carol Ulmer; Union Planters Bank; Carbondale, Ill.


  • Katrina Challans; Journalism - Adverstising/Integrated Marketing Communications; Danny and Patricia Challans; Riffco Advertising Inc; Northbrook, Ill.


  • Waleed Abbasi; Zoological Sciences; Najma and Talat Abbasi; Carbondale Clinic; Carbondale, Ill.


  • Mehgan Castle; Agriculture Education; Kenneth and Cindy Castle; Gateway FS; Red Bud, Ill.


  • TemiTope Oshodi; Biological Sciences; Olutoke Oshodi; St. John's Hospital; Springfield, Ill.
  • Olamide Oshodi; Biological Sciences (Pre-pharmacy); Olutoke Oshodi; St. John's Hospital; Springfield, Ill.
  • Ryan Roth; Aviation Management; Richard and Bonnie Roth; Wings of Alaska Airlines; Juneau, Ark.


  • Joseph Henson; Accounting; Daniel and Susan Henson; Intercontinental Hotels Group; Atlanta, Ga.


  • David Zettler; Plant and Soil Sciences with Horticulture emphasis; Jerry and Janet Zettler; Dan Nelson Productions; Las Vegas.


  • Beth Hartke; Speech Communication; Phillip and Carol Hartke; Southern Illinois University; Carbondale, Ill.


  • Jason Kesterson; Management Information Systems; Jim and Jo Ann Kesterson; Sentinel Technologies; Downers Grove, Ill.

Tunnel Hill

  • Mary Hacker; Dietetics; Gary and Janet Hacker; Illinois Department of Human Services; Marion, Ill.
  • Amber Short; Marketing; Stephen and Sandy Short; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel; Milwaukee.

University Park

  • Angel Gant; Architectural Studies; Gloria Gant; BLDD Architects Inc.; Decatur, Ill.

Vernon Hills

  • James Adams; Journalism (News-Editorial); Jeff and Pam Adams; Sporting News; Northbrook, Ill.


  • Jason Conner; General Agriculture--Ag Education; Dan and Maureen Conner; Facilitating Coordination in Agricultural Education; Belleville, Ill.


  • Nicole Roberts; Speech Communications; Chuck and Jean Roberts; Boeing; St. Louis.

Wayne City

  • Brandi Barnard; Interior Design; Kent and Chris Barnard; Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum; St. Louis.

West Frankfort

  • Matthew Purdy; Marketing; Jack and Judith Purdy; Sprint; Overland Park, Kan.


  • Derek Patton; AVT; Darryl and Janet Patton; Boeing; St. Louis.


  • Todd Yakel; Aviation Management/Flight; Pamela L. Yakel; ATA Airlines; Chicago.


  • Melissa Tawse; Advertising Minor: Art and Design; Tom and Sharon Sammis; Draft Worldwide; Chicago.


  • David Kurtz; Architecture; John and Marla Kurtz; Design Construction Concepts LTD.; Northbrook, Ill.
  • Gina Young; Psychology; George and Theresa Young; SIRSS; Carbondale, Ill.


  • Matthew Ksiezak; History/Political Science with IR specialty; James and Roberta Ksiezak; Illinois State Military Museum; Springfield, Ill.


Out of State

Fort Smith, Ark

  • Joanna Rish; Marketing; Ronnie and Bonise Rish; Southern Illinois Healthcare; Herrin, Ill.

Washington, DC

  • Monica Zaworski; Animal Science/Pre-Vet; Joseph and Catherine Kelly; Central Animal Hospital; Harrisburg, Ill.

Des Moines, Iowa

  • Esther Gierstorf; Psychology; Kathy McKelvey; SIRSS; Carbondale, Ill.

Knightstown, Ind.

  • Lorraine Brown; Dental Technology; Evelyn Brown; Diagnostic Oral Creations; Wilmington, Ill.

Washington, Ind.

  • Anne Guratzsch; Interior Design; Frank and Elke Guratzsch; Gensler; Chicago.

Derby, Kan.

  • Adam Hofmann; Film Production; Greg and Teresa Hofmann; Big Shoulders Digital Video Production; Chicago.

Chesterfield, Mo.

  • Joseph Krygiel; Plant and Soil Science; Joe and Val Krygiel; Missouri Botanical Gardens; St. Louis.

St. Louis, Mo.

  • Stephen Jakubowski; Advanced Aviation Maintenance; Mike and Jan Jakubowski; Boeing; St. Louis.
  • Timothy Wills; Media Management and Marketing; Steven and Mary Wills; Illinois Attorney General's Office; Springfield, Ill.

Troy, Mo.

  • Krystal Eisenbath; Cinema and Photography; Rick and Kathy Eisenbath; Big Shoulders Digital Video Production; Chicago.

Lebanon, Ohio

  • Brad Moran; Plant and Soil Science; Joe and Cindy Moran; Monsanto; St. Louis.

Ashburn, Va.

  • Charles Giet; Management; Karen Guthrie; Ford Motor Company; Downers Grove, Ill.

Leesburg, Va

  • John Manion; Aviation Management/Maintenance; John and Deborah Manion; Landrum & Brown; Chicago.



Tirana, Albania

  • Egla Ballta; Finance and Management Information Systems; Jani and Vjollca Ballta; State Farm Insurance; Bloomington, Ill.

Ontario, Canada

  • Freddy Kadima; Management; Beatrice Kapinga; Computer Services Inc.; Paducah, Ky.

Mumbai, India

  • Isha Gupta; Advertising/Communication Design; S. B. and Shubha Gupta; Draft Worldwide; Chicago.

Nagaoka, Niigata, Japan

  • Shinji Ogita; Dietetics; Shohei Ogita; Memorial Hospital of Carbondale; Carbondale, Ill.

Nisshim, Aichi, Japan

  • Megumi Umeda; Psychology; Takashi and Mihoko Umeda; The Women's Center Inc.; Carbondale, Ill.