April 08, 2004

Trustees review aviation program fee increases

by Pete Rosenbery

EDWARDSVILLE, Ill. -- The Southern Illinois University Board of Trustees today (April 8) reviewed a proposed 2.4 percent fee increase for required flight training courses offered at SIU Carbondale.

The proposed increase stems from unprecedented increases in aviation insurance costs over the last four years, and to also offset cost increases in other areas, including fuel, engines, and maintenance, said Paul D. Sarvela, interim dean of the College of Applied Sciences and Arts.

Fees for the seven required courses would increase a total of $801, from $33,836 to $34,637 for the two-year program. The new fees would take effect for the 2004-05 academic year.

Action on the notice item is expected at the Board's meeting May 13 in Carbondale.

In addition, fees for four elective post-associate degree courses involving flight instructor training and a practicum course in air carrier operations would go up a combined $449, or 3 percent, from $14,953 to $15,402.

"Our costs keep going up," said Sarvela. "For example, you notice that at the gas pump, costs for a gallon of gas are increasing by the minute, it seems, and we have that same problem, of course, with fuel to fly airplanes. We also have to be ready for insurance costs, maintenance, all of those kinds of things."

Aviation flight program fees are in addition to the tuition that aviation students pay for University courses.