April 05, 2004

Students can apply for undergraduate assistantships

by Tom Woolf

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Southern Illinois University Carbondale students can apply for undergraduate assistantships for next school year beginning today (April 5).

The Financial Aid Office coordinates the program, and the position listings are only available online at the office's Web site:http://www.siuc.edu/%7efao/jobs/undergradassist.htm.

There are 138 positions available for 176 students.

All positions must remain on the Web site for at least a week before hiring departments can begin to interview and hire candidates. That means interested students should act quickly in providing resumes to hiring departments. The goal is to complete the hiring process before the end of the spring semester, though students won't begin working in the positions until next fall.

Positions will remain on the Web site until filled.

Students can earn up to $800 per month and gain valuable career experience through the program, currently in its second year. The assistantships are part of the University's effort to enhance its investment in students using funds generated through tuition.

The assistantships offer students a para-professional employment opportunity. Preference goes to juniors or seniors, who work with a faculty member or professional-level staff person in a position directly related to their academic/career discipline.

Undergraduate assistants working 10 hours per week will receive $400 a month. Students working 15 hours per week will receive $600 a month and those working 20 hours a week will receive $800 per month. Assistantships do not provide a tuition waiver and are not eligible for Federal Work Study funding.