March 11, 2004

SIU Trustees Elect Glenn Poshard as Board Chair

by Sue Davis

CARBONDALE, Ill. - Former Congressman Glenn Poshard of Carbondale was elected as chairman of the Southern Illinois University Board of Trustees today (March 11).

Poshard, the first three-degree SIU graduate appointed to the Board, said he looks forward to serving as Board Chair. "I want to thank my colleagues for electing me, and I look forward to what we can accomplish together," Poshard said.

oard members also elected Harris Rowe of Jacksonville as vice chairman and Roger Tedrick of Mount Vernon as secretary, and John Simmons of East Alton to represent the Board on the State Universities Civil Service System Merit Board. 

Dr. Marilyn Jackson of Chicago and A.D. Van Meter of Springfield will serve as the Board's executive committee, along with Poshard.

Poshard appointed all committee chairs. Ed Hightower of Edwardsville will head the Academic Matters Committee, Roger Tedrick will head the Finance Committee, and John Simmons will chair the Architecture and Design Committee.

Other Board assignments are:

  • SIU Foundation Board -- Tedrick with Poshard as the alternate;
  • SIU Edwardsville Foundation Board -- Hightower with Simmons as the alternate;
  • Joint Trustees Committee for Springfield Medical Education Programs -- Jackson and Rowe with Van Meter as the alternate;
  • SIU Alumni Association Board of Directors -- Poshard with Tedrick as the alternate.

(CAPTION: GLENN POSHARD - Former U.S. Congressman Glenn Poshard of Carbondale shakes hands with SIU Trustee Harris Rowe after being elected chair of the SIU Board of Trustees today (March 11). Poshard is the first three-degree graduate of the University to serve as a trustee. He was appointed by Gov. Rod Blagojevich.)