January 14, 2004

SIUC announces pay raise plan effective Feb. 1

by Sue Davis

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Southern Illinois University Carbondale Chancellor Walter V. Wendler announced today (Jan. 14) that he will move ahead with a 2 percent salary increase, effective Feb. 1, for eligible employees at SIUC, including those at the School of Medicine.

"We realize there are employees who have been working hard for more than two years without an increase, and we wanted to do this sooner, but I had to wait until we were more certain of our budget for this fiscal year," Wendler said. "Our employees work hard and deserve this increase. I wish it was more."

Wendler will fund the increase centrally this year, except for the School of Medicine that has its own funds set aside. Next year, 1 percent will come from central sources and 1 percent will come from existing budgets.

Wendler said that to be eligible for an increase, an employee must have been on the active payroll since June 30, 2003. All employees, except those at the School of Medicine, who received an increase or promotion after this date are not eligible for an additional salary increase. On the Carbondale campus he has also excluded those Administrative/Professional staffers within two reporting levels of the Chancellor whose annual salary is greater than $75,000.

"I think it is important to lead by example, and excluding top administrators sets the tone," Wendler said. "These individuals work hard and deserve raises, but it's not a prudent step at this time."

Unions represent SIUC employees in Civil Service negotiated and Civil Service prevailing wage classifications. SIUC must negotiate salary issues with these groups and administrators began talking to union representatives this afternoon.

SIUC employees who are paid with non-state funds will be handled in the same manner as those on state accounts, subject to the availability of funds in the account from which the individual is paid and restrictions and requirements of grants and contracts against which the individuals are employed.


School of Medicine

At the School of Medicine, the salary increase program applies to all eligible employees below Dean and Provost J. Kevin Dorsey and also takes effect Feb. 1.

The School of Medicine will award the 2 percent increase to all eligible employees meeting performance standards regardless of funding source. Those who do not meet performance standards will not be eligible to receive the increase. (The increase program does not apply to College of Science faculty who hold cross appointments in the School of Medicine or to graduate assistants in SIUC's graduate school programs. These individuals already received increases this fiscal year.)