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Ahmad Fakhoury

Ahmad Fakhoury, associate professor of plant pathology and fungal genetics at SIU, pioneered a new way to analyze soil for its ability to suppress a leading soybean disease, Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS). His research appears in “Phytobiomes,” the transdisciplinary journal of The American Phytopathological Society. (Photo by Russell Bailey)

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Auditions set for 2017-18 season theater productions

The Southern Illinois University Carbondale Department of Theater will hold open auditions for two upcoming fall productions. Open auditions means community members as well as students, faculty and staff members are eligible to audition.

SIU families to celebrate Superheroes

“Celebrating Superheroes” is the theme for the fall 2017 Southern Illinois University Carbondale Family Carnival, a morning of fun and games for all students with families.

‘Blindfold chess king’ will hold exhibition on Monday

Imagine playing multiple games of chess while blindfolded and riding a stationary bicycle. With an amazing memory and a brain studied by neuroscientists at UCLA, chess grandmaster Timur Gareyev does not just play the games – he usually wins.

Success Coach to Help Make Dreams Come True

There’s always a first step when turning dreams into reality. To help people take that first step by clarifying their dreams and goals, Southern Illinois University Carbondale is sponsoring The BIG Dream Gathering with author Mitch Matthews.

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