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Weather balloon launch

A team of students and researchers from Louisiana State University plans to launch two large weather balloons like the one shown here from Saluki Stadium in order to take real-time video and conduct scientific experiments during the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21, 2017. Scientific instruments and video equipment will be suspended from the balloon, as shown in this picture of a previous launch. (Photo provided)

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Financial literacy expert to speak at SIU

Adam Carroll doesn’t want college students to wind up “broke, busted and disgusted.” Instead, he’d like today’s college students to understand the perils of credit card debt, and how to understand student loans with an eye to limiting education debt.

Big Muddy Film Festival opens Feb. 21

The Big Muddy Film Festival built its reputation on strong documentaries that highlight social issues. That trend continues as the festival prepares for its 39th annual run next week.

Choir, Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band present concert

The SIU Concert Choir, Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band come together to present a concert featuring a variety of music, from classic composers most know by name to new composers due to visit Southern Illinois University Carbondale in person later this year.

SIU plans unique fundraising campaign for March 1-2

Southern Illinois University Carbondale alumni, students, parents, faculty, staff and community members can “Open The Door to Opportunity” by participating in a unique fundraising campaign on March 1-2.

Jazz Festival returns to SIU

The SIU Jazz Festival returns to Southern Illinois University Carbondale on Feb. 25 and brings a Saluki home for a visit.

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