Carbondale Abdul-Sahib, Hussain A. LLM  General LL.M.
Carbondale Akaaboune, Ouadie PHD  Economics
Carbondale Almaghshi, Mona A. MA  Mathematics
Carbondale Angel-Post, Lilia A. MA  Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
Carbondale Baker, Kara M. BS  Biological Sciences
Carbondale Bergman, Ashley M. BS  Forestry
Carbondale Breger, Lisa N. PHD  Economics
Carbondale Brewer, Crystal T. BS  Health Care Management
Carbondale Brown, Paul P. BS  Zoology
Carbondale Chin, Fui Y. PHD  Education - Curriculum and Instruction
Carbondale Clemons, Breonna C. BS  Finance
Carbondale Collins, Steve BS  Accounting
Carbondale Creek, Jasmin S. MSED  Recreation
Carbondale Cruz, Bryan BS  Microbiology
Carbondale Dana, Jennifer V. BS  Biological Sciences
Carbondale Dennison, Tyler S. BS  Electrical Engineering
Carbondale Dolezal, Kent L. PHD  Economics
Carbondale Donoghue, John T. BS  Finance
Carbondale Donoghue, John T. BS  Accounting
Carbondale Dugan, Todd W. MPAD  Public Administration
Carbondale Evans, Jeffery L. MSED  Kinesiology
Carbondale Feeser, Kristiana M. MA  Psychology
Carbondale Findlater, Shaquille M. BS  Health Care Management
Carbondale Flatt, Taylor J. BS  Computer Science
Carbondale Flatt, Taylor J. BS  Mathematics
Carbondale Fuson, Casey D. BS  Forestry
Carbondale Godinez, Ariel S. MS  Computer Science
Carbondale Gramm, Kira M. BA  Zoology
Carbondale Hall, Jennifer K. BA  Psychology
Carbondale Hanke, Lucretia A. MSED  Workforce Education and Development
Carbondale Hankins, Taylor M. BS  Marketing
Carbondale Hardison, Micha L. BA  Criminology and Criminal Justice
Carbondale Hardison, Vivian M. MS  Rehabilitation Administration and Services
Carbondale Heller, Yahaira L. BA  Political Science
Carbondale Hilgen, Ryan C. BA  Economics
Carbondale Hogan, Ericka BS  Horticulture
Carbondale Hopkins, Sarah D. BS  Microbiology
Carbondale Huff, Walter N. BS  Automotive Technology
Carbondale Jefferson, Thomas S. MS  Civil Engineering
Carbondale Jiang, Nanyu BS  Engineering Technology
Carbondale Johnson, Jill Rosalie BS  Geography and Environmental Resources
Carbondale Jones, Connisha D. BA  English
Carbondale Jones, Destiny D. BS  Mortuary Science and Funeral Service
Carbondale Kadlubowski, Brittany J. BS  Management
Carbondale Lanier, Allisa J. BS  Biological Sciences
Carbondale Lee, Asia R. MBA  Business Administration
Carbondale Lessard, Zachary JD  Law
Carbondale Lewis, Joseph BS  Information Systems Technologies
Carbondale Lopez, Phillip D. BS  Aviation Management
Carbondale Majkowski, Jennifer N. BS  Zoology
Carbondale Markwell, Logan T. BA  Criminology and Criminal Justice
Carbondale Marshall, Anise M. MSED  Curriculum and Instruction
Carbondale Mcclendon, Robert D. BS  Automotive Technology
Carbondale Migone, Dante A. BA  Psychology
Carbondale Miller, Anne T. BS  Information Systems Technologies
Carbondale Miller, Jeff M. BS  Aviation Technologies
Carbondale Mohamed, Tarig A. MS  Geography and Environmental Resources
Carbondale Morrison, Eric A. BA  Radio, Television, and Digital Media
Carbondale Neuhoff, Emily M. MA  Psychology
Carbondale Nutile, Samuel A. PHD  Zoology
Carbondale O'Dell, Sarah E. BS  University Studies
Carbondale Oliver, Heather BA  Criminology and Criminal Justice
Carbondale Passmore, Deborah M. BS  Technical Resource Management
Carbondale Petrella, Stacey A. BS  Biological Sciences
Carbondale Pierce, Luke R. PHD  Electrical and Computer Engineering
Carbondale Porter, Luther B. BA  History
Carbondale Shew, Justin J. PHD  Zoology
Carbondale Shoemaker, Brett J. BS  Mechanical Engineering
Carbondale Smith, Diamond D. BA  Criminology and Criminal Justice
Carbondale Swafford, Shelby M. MA  Communication Studies
Carbondale Tobin, Amberly H. MS  Geology
Carbondale Toro Mejia, Catalina MA  Foreign Languages and Literatures
Carbondale Ulrich, Maxwell C. BA  Psychology
Carbondale Walsh, Matthew J. BS  Forestry
Carbondale Watson, Christopher J. AAS  Aviation Flight
Carbondale Weems, Nicholas R. BS  Civil Engineering
Carbondale Wiedlocher, Rebecca BS  Human Nutrition and Dietetics
Carbondale Williams, Leah N. MS  Professional Media and Media Management Studies
Carbondale Wittemann, Christopher J. BA  Criminology and Criminal Justice
Carbondale Wuest, Samantha A. MS  Animal Science
Carbondale Wyatt, Josey L. MSED  Educational Administration