Carbondale Abell, Nicholas J. MS  Zoology
Carbondale Agastyaraju, Siva Shanmukha Hemanth Kasyap MS  Computer Science
Carbondale Agbemaple, Fred S. BS  Mechanical Engineering
Carbondale Alansari, Fahad A. BS  Mechanical Engineering
Carbondale Aljarboa, Marwan A. BS  Civil Engineering
Carbondale Allison, Erin C. MSED  Educational Administration
Carbondale Armstrong, Orlando R. BS  Zoology
Carbondale Blevins, Connor S. BS  Aviation Management
Carbondale Bollinger, Sydney R. MS  Agribusiness Economics
Carbondale Brown, Jordan D. BS  Information Systems Technologies
Carbondale Bunton, Brady K. BS  Mechanical Engineering
Carbondale Cheng, Kai Tse MS  Mechanical Engineering
Carbondale Crouse, Michael R. BS  Technical Resource Management
Carbondale Dempsey, Catherine J. MA  Geology
Carbondale Earles, Baylen C. BS  Biological Sciences
Carbondale Entwistle, Caitlin M. MBA  Business Administration
Carbondale Eubanks, Samantha BFA  Art
Carbondale Feng, Ruimin PHD  Engineering Science
Carbondale Foggatt, Stephen C. PHD  Education - Curriculum and Instruction
Carbondale Galan, Roy E. MSED  Workforce Education and Development
Carbondale Gibson, Dylan J. BS  Biological Sciences
Carbondale Goff, Mary E. MSED  Educational Administration
Carbondale Hall, Sydney R. BS  Forestry
Carbondale Herley, Rachel BA  Psychology
Carbondale Hertel, India P. BS  Behavior Analysis and Therapy
Carbondale Huang, Xiaolan PHD  Computer Science
Carbondale Hudson, Raheam J. BS  Marketing
Carbondale Hurst, Alexander C. MSED  Higher Education
Carbondale Ivy, Rodger P. BA  History
Carbondale Jackson, Arielle N. BS  Animal Science
Carbondale Jacobs, Rachel M. BA  Psychology
Carbondale Jogineedi, Rohit MS  Mechanical Engineering
Carbondale Jordan, Joshua D. BS  Mechanical Engineering
Carbondale Jumper, Cortney S. BS  Accounting
Carbondale Kennedy, Lameka T. BS  Management
Carbondale Klein, Keith P. MA  Psychology
Carbondale Kok, Ngong R. BS  Electrical Engineering
Carbondale Leo, Joseph P. BS  Computer Engineering
Carbondale Leo, Joseph P. BS  Electrical Engineering
Carbondale Lilly, ShaNise C. BS  Rehabilitation Services
Carbondale Lipe, Joshua W. BS  University Studies
Carbondale Litchet, Lauren M. MSED  Recreation Professions
Carbondale Loveless, Justin A. BS  Electrical Engineering
Carbondale Lubis, Michael W. BS  Automotive Technology
Carbondale Mascio, Geno BS  University Studies
Carbondale McElroy, Johnathon L. BA  Psychology
Carbondale McLaughlin, Ryan BA  Computer Science
Carbondale McRay, Patrick O. BA  Criminology and Criminal Justice
Carbondale Mcentee, Jasmine E. BS  Fashion Design and Merchandising
Carbondale Morgan, Alexandra N. MS  Rehabilitation Counseling
Carbondale Muzio, Diane PHD  Education - Curriculum and Instruction
Carbondale Noe-Ulloa, Ricardo R. BA  Economics
Carbondale Olaoye, Mayowa M. MS  Agribusiness Economics
Carbondale Ortiz, Cassandra M. BS  Workforce Education and Development
Carbondale Payne, David N. MBA  Business Administration
Carbondale Rahimi, Shahriar PHD  Computer Science
Carbondale Reno, Brandon B. BS  Sport Administration
Carbondale Reno Gibson, Bryce S. BA  Criminology and Criminal Justice
Carbondale Russell, Seth M. MPAD  Public Administration
Carbondale Sagaskie, Spencer W. MSW  Social Work
Carbondale Sheffer, Jamie V. MFA  Mass Communication and Media Arts
Carbondale Shim, Young S. PHD  Business Administration
Carbondale Shorty, Danielle M. BFA  Art
Carbondale Shorty, Hellena L. MPAD  Public Administration
Carbondale Smith, Aidan C. MA  Psychology
Carbondale Smith, Ashlee K. BS  Health Care Management
Carbondale Smith, Jeffrey F. BA  Computer Science
Carbondale Steele, Maria K. BS  English
Carbondale Stuck, Courtney J. BA  Cinema and Photography
Carbondale Sunderlage, Anna N. BS  Biological Sciences
Carbondale Tapia, Teresa D. BS  Accounting
Carbondale Taylor, Kevin C. PHD  Philosophy
Carbondale Ticheur, Camille BFA  Art
Carbondale Tiwaah, Akua BS  Social Work
Carbondale Van Hyfte, Celina BS  Recreation
Carbondale VanDeVoorde, Adam M. BA  Criminology and Criminal Justice
Carbondale Whiteaker, Jessica A. BS  Geology
Carbondale Wieland, Autumn N. BS  Social Work
Carbondale Wilcox, Eric T. BS  Electronic Systems Technologies
Carbondale Williams, Elisha S. BS  Information Systems Technologies
Carbondale Wonnell, Anna M. BFA  Art