Carbondale Abed-Mahmoud, Kenan BS  Biological Sciences
Carbondale Abuali, Mathew S. BA  Criminology and Criminal Justice
Carbondale Akamani, Betty MS  Psychology
Carbondale Al Mjjri, Khalid MHI  Health Informatics
Carbondale Alford, Nikeya M. BA  Psychology
Carbondale Alhajjaj Sr., Khalid S. MACC  Accountancy
Carbondale Aljarboua, Nasser A. MACC  Accountancy
Carbondale Alweh, Qatada BS  Mechanical Engineering
Carbondale Apgar, Alexandra D. BS  Geology
Carbondale Asad, Farah S. BFA  Art
Carbondale Ballenger, Makenzie L. BS  Microbiology
Carbondale Barragan Velasquez, Olivia BS  Recreation Professions
Carbondale Bates, Madison L. BS  Social Work
Carbondale Beatty, Aaron M. MARCH  Architecture
Carbondale Berman, Noah MSW  Social Work
Carbondale Boyd, Tamya K. BS  Social Work
Carbondale Bradley, Benjamin J. MA  History
Carbondale Bradshaw, Jessica C. MPAD  Public Administration
Carbondale Bryant, Maggie JD  Law
Carbondale Bryant, Maggie MACC  Accountancy
Carbondale Cadet III, Jacques MARCH  Architecture
Carbondale Chaney, Jenna L. BS  Management
Carbondale Choate, Payton J. BS  Health Care Management
Carbondale Clossen, Caitlyn R. MSW  Social Work
Carbondale Collier, Anedra N. BS  Accounting
Carbondale Concepcion Ballester, Julian E. BS  Aviation Technologies
Carbondale Coons, Heidi M. MPAD  Public Administration
Carbondale Cordoba Bonilla, Yair A. BS  Accounting
Carbondale Cornelius, Elena R. BS  Social Work
Carbondale Cornelius, Elena R. BA  Psychology
Carbondale Cotton, Bryan S. MSED  Higher Education
Carbondale Coulter, Tristan BS  Exercise Science
Carbondale Cox, Dwight J. BA  Political Science
Carbondale Crosswhite, Carolyn BS  Social Work
Carbondale Daniel, Krista L. MBA  Business Administration
Carbondale Dawson-Ruffin, Je'erra L. BS  Health Care Management
Carbondale Day, Elaine K. AAS  Radiologic Sciences
Carbondale Dosier, Robert W. MSED  Recreation Professions
Carbondale Embry, Katie S. BS  Social Work
Carbondale Engelmeier, Lizabeth J. MFA  Creative Writing
Carbondale Ford, Claudia G. BA  Psychology
Carbondale Forer, Kate L. BA  Art
Carbondale Forsberg, Allison C. BA  Psychology
Carbondale Frankel, Abigail R. BS  Architectural Studies
Carbondale Freeman, Jessica MFA  Creative Writing
Carbondale Frimpong-Amponsah, Abigail BA  Psychology
Carbondale Gary, Mykel K. MSED  Recreation Professions
Carbondale Gray, Demetri D. BA  Psychology
Carbondale Gunn, Matthew P. MA  Psychology
Carbondale Gutierrez, Byron E. MA  Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
Carbondale Hammond, Andrea L. BA  Psychology
Carbondale Hansen, Scott BS  Aviation Technologies
Carbondale Hardin, Jake M. BS  Horticulture
Carbondale Hellberg, David BA  English
Carbondale Hinkle, Christopher MSED  Recreation Professions
Carbondale Holden, Whitley F. BS  Zoology
Carbondale Holmes, Christell J. MHI  Health Informatics
Carbondale Houle, Daniel B. MS  Computer Science
Carbondale Houseman-Eddings, Skylar A. BS  Social Work
Carbondale Ivy, Rodger P. BS  Paralegal Studies
Carbondale Jackson, Johnathan L. BS  Behavior Analysis and Therapy
Carbondale Jamieson, Jenna R. BS  Journalism
Carbondale Jennings, Kelsie M. BS  Communication Disorders and Sciences
Carbondale Johnson, Douglas S. MM  Music
Carbondale Johnson, Joshua R. BFA  Art
Carbondale Kasdorf, Audra M. BS  Mechanical Engineering
Carbondale Kazeera, Isaac I. BS  Accounting
Carbondale Leal Jr., Jose J. BS  Human Nutrition and Dietetics
Carbondale Lewis, Erikah M. MS  Professional Media and Media Management Studies
Carbondale Lipe, Renee M. MSED  Workforce Education and Development
Carbondale Lovdahl, Jessica R. MACC  Accountancy
Carbondale Love, Leslie A. BA  Languages, Cultures, and International Studies
Carbondale Lowery, Kyndra M. BS  Public Health
Carbondale Lyons, Briaunna M. BS  Elementary Education
Carbondale Macabulos, Casey BS  Human Nutrition and Dietetics
Carbondale Makhdoom, Maryam BS  Public Health
Carbondale Mandrell, Addison G. BS  Human Nutrition and Dietetics
Carbondale Maxwell, Holliday B. BS  Biological Sciences
Carbondale Mayberry, Megan M. BS  Elementary Education
Carbondale McIntyre, Kallista A. BS  Elementary Education
Carbondale Mckinzie, Seth K. BS  Agribusiness Economics
Carbondale Moss, Ashley A. MPH  Public Health
Carbondale Ngouemeta Mbognou, Aline Estelle BS  Rehabilitation Services
Carbondale Niles, Joshua M. MFA  Art
Carbondale Ogunseye, Fuad O. BS  Hospitality and Tourism Administration
Carbondale Orozco Dorado, Gloria I. MM  Music
Carbondale Person, Sian M. BS  Sport Administration
Carbondale Peterman, Skyler B. BS  Sport Administration
Carbondale Pfeiffer, Patricia L. JD  Law
Carbondale Phillips, Mary Esther G. BA  Linguistics
Carbondale Pilkington, Autumn D. BFA  Art
Carbondale Rawlings, Kennedy D. BS  Recreation Professions
Carbondale Riley, Erika E. MSW  Social Work
Carbondale Robinson, Shae E. MSW  Social Work
Carbondale Rogers, Craig H. MBA  Business Administration
Carbondale Sanders, Kelly E. MACC  Accountancy
Carbondale Sanders, Stephanie E. BA  Psychology
Carbondale Satterwhite, Rachel L. MSW  Social Work
Carbondale Sawar, Lana BS  Microbiology
Carbondale Sharma, Monica MARCH  Architecture
Carbondale Shockley, Hunter W. BS  English
Carbondale Shurtleff, Nathaniel D. BS  Aviation Technologies
Carbondale Sikon, Samuel P. BS  Biological Sciences
Carbondale Smith, David L. BS  Social Work
Carbondale Soto, Josue I. BA  Economics
Carbondale St Amour, Donna BS  Computer Science
Carbondale Stearns, Kaitlyn M. BA  Criminology and Criminal Justice
Carbondale Stengel, Lauren BA  English
Carbondale Strong, Lavell D. BS  Paralegal Studies
Carbondale Suggs, Melissa D. BA  Cinema and Photography
Carbondale Swango, Uella U. MSW  Social Work
Carbondale Tabor, Chloe E. BS  Accounting
Carbondale Tatum, Mya N. BS  Microbiology
Carbondale Taylor, Antonio B. MBA  Business Administration
Carbondale Taylor, Kaylyn A. BA  Psychology
Carbondale Taylor, Tajai L. BA  Radio, Television, and Digital Media
Carbondale Thomas, Jeremiah S. BS  Biological Sciences
Carbondale Thompson, Mia L. BS  Sport Administration
Carbondale Tomas, Eugenia BA  Linguistics
Carbondale Turner, Nehemiah N. BA  English
Carbondale Valadez, Jasmin MSED  Higher Education
Carbondale Vandeveer, Brook L. JD  Law
Carbondale Walber, Luke J. MPH  Community Health Education
Carbondale Walker, Kiana BS  Social Work
Carbondale Walsh, Brian BS  Forestry
Carbondale Weston, William C. PHD  Molecular, Cellular and Systemic Physiology
Carbondale Zimmerman, Scott L. BA  Psychology