Carbondale Alanazi, Awad M. BS  Health Care Management
Carbondale Almansour, Salman I. BS  Electrical Engineering
Carbondale Alshammari, Sattam A. BS  Electrical Engineering
Carbondale Alyami, Salem M. BS  Electrical Engineering
Carbondale Ancell, Katherine S. PHD  Education - Special Education
Carbondale Antoine, Tatiana L. BS  Workforce Education and Development
Carbondale Bachman, Katie M. BS  English
Carbondale Barbato, Anthony M. BS  Management
Carbondale Bhakuni, Abhiyudai S. BA  Computer Science
Carbondale Bisgaard, Richard O. BS  Mechanical Engineering
Carbondale Bradley, Benjamin J. BA  Economics
Carbondale Cobb, Brittan A. BS  Animal Science
Carbondale Coleman, Jasmin M. BS  Early Childhood
Carbondale Collier, Anedra N. BS  Accounting
Carbondale Conrad, Elaine PHD  Communication Studies
Carbondale Damm, Devon R. BA  Radio, Television, and Digital Media
Carbondale Dawson, Danielle M. BA  Radio, Television, and Digital Media
Carbondale Deamer, Jamieson A. BA  Cinema and Photography
Carbondale Deutsch, Elizabeth A. BA  English
Carbondale Deutsch, Elizabeth A. BA  Languages, Cultures, and International Studies
Carbondale Dudek, Abigail I. BS  Recreation
Carbondale Enriquez, Jonathan J. BA  Radio, Television, and Digital Media
Carbondale Farace, Anthony P. MA  Anthropology
Carbondale Frick, Joshua D. BA  Design
Carbondale Fulgoni, Jessica N. PHD  Zoology
Carbondale Gary, Mykel K. BS  Exercise Science
Carbondale Gold, Devin A. BS  Zoology
Carbondale Gusewelle, Tori D. MS  Food and Nutrition
Carbondale Hecker, Kyle P. AAS  Aviation Flight
Carbondale Hecker, Kyle P. BS  Aviation Management
Carbondale Henry, Alexis B. MS  Behavior Analysis and Therapy
Carbondale Hernandez, Julio C. BS  Electrical Engineering
Carbondale Hisgen, Robert MS  Professional Media and Media Management Studies
Carbondale Honn, Diane K. BS  Workforce Education and Development
Carbondale Houmadi, Fatimah Z. BS  Public Health
Carbondale Johnson, Micah S. BS  Communication Studies
Carbondale Johnston, Jacob T. BA  Radio-Television
Carbondale Jones, Jessica L. BS  Early Childhood
Carbondale Kazim, Noor A. PHD  Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and Biochemistry
Carbondale Keefauver, Jory B. BS  Marketing
Carbondale Kern, Joel MS  Quality Engineering and Management
Carbondale Kim, Jeremy BS  Automotive Technology
Carbondale Kroll, Mark E. BS  Marketing
Carbondale Lee, Andrew J. MHA  Health Administration
Carbondale Leo, Joseph P. MS  Electrical and Computer Engineering
Carbondale Loh, Ariel Y. MSED  Curriculum and Instruction
Carbondale Lytle, Tressica R. BS  Rehabilitation Services
Carbondale Madison, Axel V. BS  Technical Resource Management
Carbondale Mann III, Lonnie L. MFA  Art
Carbondale Martinez, Sara E. BA  Art
Carbondale Moore, Trenton M. BS  Automotive Technology
Carbondale Netemeyer, Ryan J. BS  Mechanical Engineering
Carbondale Ogunyemi, Modupe M. MS  Communication Disorders and Sciences
Carbondale Ojong, Rachel A. BS  Accounting
Carbondale Pangle, Ryleigh G. BS  Human Nutrition and Dietetics
Carbondale Perkins, David R. BA  Psychology
Carbondale Reel, Christopher T. BS  University Studies
Carbondale Robinson, Cherrelle V. BS  Early Childhood
Carbondale Rotibi, Omobolarinwa F. MBA  Business Administration
Carbondale Salama, Hisham H. BA  Criminology and Criminal Justice
Carbondale Schmidt Jr., Carl R. BS  Accounting
Carbondale Schumacher, Jacob L. BS  University Studies
Carbondale Sheffer, Gregory F. BS  Exercise Science
Carbondale Singh, Avtar BA  Computer Science
Carbondale Todd, Ian C. BA  Computer Science
Carbondale Tomlin, Marshawn W. BS  Journalism
Carbondale Trude, Jordan D. BS  Sport Administration
Carbondale Vanhusen, Lauren W. PHD  Psychology
Carbondale Wardrop, Jack K. BS  Management
Carbondale Williams, Kacie M. BS  Social Work
Carbondale Williams, Kiarra MHA  Health Administration
Carbondale Willis, Carlie M. BS  Biological Sciences
Carbondale Wojnarowski, Andrew T. BS  Automotive Technology
Carbondale Woodruff, Christopher W. MHI  Health Informatics
Carbondale Woodworth, Alysia E. BA  Theater
Carbondale Yang, Haoran BS  Civil Engineering
Carbondale Young, Michael N. BS  Technical Resource Management