Faculty, Staff Experts

These experts are available for on-air interviews. Uplink capabilities are provided by SIU Carbondale’s public television station, WSIU. To make arrangements, please contact Amy Fowler-Dawson, Associate Director, University Communications and Marketing, at 618/453-2544 or via e-mail, amy.fowler-dawson@siu.edu.


Jeremy Davis
Associate professor, Department of Animal Science, Food and Nutrition

Expertise: Nutrition and metabolism, obesity and disorders/diseases related to it, functional foods, sports nutrition

Email: jedavis@siu.edu
Phone: 618/453-1760; 765/490-8897

Wanki Moon
Professor, Department of Agribusiness Economics

Expertise: Global agricultural trade, global food system, political economy of international agricultural trade negotiations, WTO trade talks

Email: wmoon@siu.edu
Phone: 618/453-6741

Charles Ruffner
Professor, Department of Forestry

Expertise: Forest fires, natural resource management, forest measurements, dendrochronology (tree rings), ecological restoration

Email: ruffner@siu.edu
Phone: 618/453-7469




Steven Karau
Gregory A. Lee professor, Department of Management, College of Business

Expertise: Human resources and organizational behavior issues, including motivation, team performance, ethical issues in management, gender leadership differences and personality.

Email: skarau@business.siu.edu
Phone: 618/453-7890


Todd Graham
Director of Debate, Communication Studies

Expertise: Political debate analysis, effective argument preparation and style

Email: tgraham@siu.edu
Phone: 314/495-7278

Embedded Systems

Spyros Tragoudas
Professor and chair, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and director of Center for Embedded Systems

Expertise: Automation and embedded systems with emphasis on temporal verification and validation, delay testing, and timing analysis.

Email: spyros@siu.edu
Phone: 618/453-7027

Health Education

Aaron Diehr
Health education assistant professor, Department of Health Education and Recreation, College of Education and Human Services

Expertise: Health education and public health

Email: aaron@siu.edu
Phone: 618/453-1862 or 618/453-2777

Tina Colson
Recreation senior lecturer, Department of Health Education and Recreation, College of Education and Human Services

Expertise: Planning and design of recreational facilities, facilitating therapeutic and inclusive programs for people with disabilities, training and development of leisure services employees and factors affecting employee retention.

Email: tcolson@siu.edu
Phone: 618/453-1860 or 618/453-2777

Immigration Law

Cindy G. Buys
Professor, SIU School of Law

Expertise: Immigration law, International law.

Email: cbuys@siu.edu
Phone: 618/453-8743


William Freivogel
Professor, School of Journalism

Expertise: Law, media law, the U.S. Supreme Court and journalism ethics.

Email: wfreivogel@gmail.com
Phone: 314/322-0396



J. Tobin Grant
Professor, Department of Political Science

Expertise: Religion and politics, First Amendment issues, campaign finance

Email: grant@siu.edu
Phone: 618/453-3167


Darren Sherkat
Professor, Department of Sociology

Expertise: American religion, religion and politics, religion and family/sexuality, religion and ethnicity, public opinion

Email: sherkat@siu.edu


Matt Whiles
Professor, Department of Zoology

Expertise: Ecology of streams and wetland systems, and animals living in them. His research focuses on the role of consumer groups, particularly invertebrates, in ecosystem function. Special interest in the effects of disturbance on aquatic invertebrate communities and ecosystem function, as well as the role of invertebrates in recovery of ecosystem processes following disturbance.

Email: mwhiles@zoology.siu.edu
Phone: 618/453-7639

Matt McCarroll
Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and director of the Fermentation Science Institute

Expertise: Research concentrates on the application of analytical chemistry to solve complex chemical problems with an emphasis in the area of molecular spectroscopy. He also directs collaborative efforts in researching the arts of brewers, vintners and distillers for tomorrow’s industry.

Email: mmccarroll@chem.siu.edu
Phone: 618/453-6408


Michael B. Behrman
Department chair, Automotive Technology

Expertise: General automotive industry; for more specific experts, can find some among instructors.

Email: mbehr@siu.edu
Phone: 618/453-4024

Samuel Pavel
Associate Professor, Aviation Management and Flight

Expertise: General Aviation, Air Traffic Control

Email: spavel@siu.edu
Phone: 618/453-7269

Michael F. Robertson
Associate professor, Aviation Management and Flight

Expertise: Safety-related issues, accidents and human factors issues

Phone: 618/925-3589 (cell)
Email: mrobertson@siu.edu

Jose R. Ruiz
Professor, Aviation Management and Flight

Expertise: Aviation safety, aviation education, aviation career development, aviation management, and general aviation

Phone: 618/453-8898
Email: jruiz@siu.edu