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Touch of Nature seeks volunteers for trail work

Touch of Nature Environmental Center, Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s unique outdoor experiential education facility, is hosting two special events to help restore and expand the extensive trail system.

Stream Discovery Program is focus of workshop

A September workshop at Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s Touch of Nature Environmental Center offers area teachers, educators and others who work with children in grades 5-12 a chance to learn about the Stream Discovery Program, a unique environmental education project.

‘Salukis SPEAK’ forums planned for fall

Southern Illinois University Carbondale is creating Salukis SPEAK (Solutions for Peace and Equality through Advocacy and Knowledge), a series of focused discussions designed to encourage learning, engagement and interaction outside of the classroom.

Researcher analyzes natural ecosystem benefits

If conservation is important, there must be a reason for the importance, a demonstrable value that goes beyond mere aesthetics. Southern Illinois University Carbondale graduate student Mark Healy is focusing his research on describing that value in practical terms, of finding ways to measure how natural ecosystems benefit society and individuals and why conservation is worth the trouble. That field of study is called “quantification of ecosystem services.”

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