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Weather balloon launch

A team of students and researchers from Louisiana State University plans to launch two large weather balloons like the one shown here from Saluki Stadium in order to take real-time video and conduct scientific experiments during the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21, 2017. Scientific instruments and video equipment will be suspended from the balloon, as shown in this picture of a previous launch. (Photo provided)

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Online MBA program earns recognition

For the third consecutive year, Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s online MBA program has earned a spot among the top 40 “Best Online MBA Programs” according to U.S. News and World Report.

Workshop to focus on invasive pests, oak diseases

Finding and responding early to invasive pests is the key to managing them and the First Detector Workshop hosted by Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s Touch of Nature Environmental Center later this month is the place to be to learn more.

SIU will not adopt sanctuary campus designation

Southern Illinois University System President Randy Dunn today (Jan. 6) announced that none of SIU’s three locations -- Carbondale, Edwardsville and the School of Medicine in Springfield -- will be designated a sanctuary campus.

Law school hosts ‘Women in Leadership’ workshop

Judge Jessica Arong O’Brien, the first Filipina elected to the Circuit Court of Cook County, will be the keynote speaker at the SIU School of Law Women in Leadership workshop at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Photo ID contest winner

Hannah Sweitzer wins ID photo contest

Hannah K. Sweitzer’s photo of Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s iconic Paul and Virginia statue is the winner of the Student Center’s recent SIU ID Photo Contest.

Two students named University Innovation Fellows

Two Southern Illinois University Carbondale students are participating in a national leadership program that provides essential information, tools and training that will enable them to help foster innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship and design thinking among their fellow students.

Saturday Young Artist Workshop begins Jan. 8

Young artists in the area may join students from the School of Art and Design at Southern Illinois University Carbondale to share a passion for creating and learning about art in the Saturday Young Artist Workshop, set to begin Jan. 8.

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